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Does Suri Cruise ever actually walk?

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pointtopoint Sat 03-Nov-12 21:02:51

Or is there some issue?

Now, I have a ASD son so I am first in line to wonder about behaviours, but Suri never actually seem to walk anywhere far (and if she is, she is grumpy)

AM I missing something????

sausagesandwich34 Sat 03-Nov-12 21:03:42

no walking -wouldn't want to ruin her heels!

WelshMaenad Sat 03-Nov-12 21:04:27

You're well acquainted with the Cruise/Holmes families then, to have formed this balanced opinion?

LRDtheFeministDragon Sat 03-Nov-12 21:05:15

Wow, you know her personally? Lucky you.

I don't, myself, so would feel like a bit of a twit judging from staged pictures in the papers.

LRDtheFeministDragon Sat 03-Nov-12 21:05:36

Great minds, welsh.

cornybeefhash Sat 03-Nov-12 21:06:31

Her mum is probably trying to get her past the photographers ASAP I would think

wedoNOTdomistyping Sat 03-Nov-12 21:06:41

They probably carry her so paps can't trip her over, make her cry, then sell it as SURI'S DIVORCE AGONY

wedoNOTdomistyping Sat 03-Nov-12 21:07:32

Great minds corny

picnicbasketcase Sat 03-Nov-12 21:07:46

They do seem to carry her a lot but its probably just to shield her from the cameras a bit.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 03-Nov-12 21:08:57

I think suri hates the paps. I think that's why she looks grumpy, she's often pulling faces, poking her tongue out at the camers and why not? I'd be wanting to if I had a camera in my face all the time.

lecce Sat 03-Nov-12 21:12:14

A quick Google brings up several pictures of her walking confused.

pointtopoint Sat 03-Nov-12 21:13:06

Sorry, the number of time Katie Holmes has been in the press since the divorce is WAY beyond what would normally be expected by paps. But, even before that (and when she is with Cruise) she never walks.

I'm not having a go, she seems genuinely upset by it.

My kids couldn't deal with it for a second.

NewNames Sat 03-Nov-12 21:13:27

I'd carry my daughter too if we were permanently being harassed.

FreudiansSlipper Sat 03-Nov-12 21:13:33

so from the hundres probably thousands of pictures taken of her every week how many are published ones that will make people like yourslf pass comment

It is creepy how some areas of the media want to constantly make judgements on not only how this little girl is behaving but dressing, what she is eating, wearing on her feet,what toy she is carrying ffs she is how old is she 6

Pictures I see sometimes she is in dressing up clothes and shoes and often looks a little messy I prefer to see a child look this way than one who has been styled by their parent with styled hair and clothes but still I am only seeing a snapshot of their life

FreudiansSlipper Sat 03-Nov-12 21:14:48

And I would also being carry my child too if I had press following us calling out our names and trying to get a reaction really they will do anything to get the picture they want

oohnewshoes Sat 03-Nov-12 21:15:44

she walks!! grin

I agree with everyone else, it's a camera thing.

dysfunctionalme Sat 03-Nov-12 21:16:26

No, she doesn't walk. She actually has a leg paralysis but it's a secret <sshh> luckily the press hasn't cottoned on yet.

pointtopoint Sat 03-Nov-12 21:16:56

But, if you knew that would happen, and you knew your child would be upset by it, would you take the subway???????

That's not a go at anyone... really, it isn't.. but my DS has ASD. There are thing he cannot cope with. I wouldn't DREAM of making him face those on a daily basis. Not on your life.

Which is what makes me think I'm missing something

PandaNot Sat 03-Nov-12 21:17:08

She's often pictured walking and chatting with her mother on her way to school.

werewolvesdidit Sat 03-Nov-12 21:18:39

The thing I find weird is that she is 6 (same age as DS1) when i am SURE she was about 2 a year ago. Maybe scientology boosts your growth smile

cornybeefhash Sat 03-Nov-12 21:18:50

I imagine they get hassled wherever they go
Taking the subway is part if every life surely?

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 03-Nov-12 21:18:59

Um...given the face she generally has on when photographed I'd suggest that she's being carried because she's frightened of the tossers paid to stalk and photograph her. She's only a little girl and has been criticised in one way or another and stalked by paparazzi since birth. I think she deserves a break to be honest.

Plus can't be easy having that loon Tom Cruise as your dad.

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 03-Nov-12 21:21:32

I think Katie Holmes is trying to encourage her to have as normal as possible a life now she has herself escaped the gilded cage. So subways would be a part of that. Can't really knock her for it.

VivaLeBeaver Sat 03-Nov-12 21:22:47

If you live in ny I'd have thought the subway is often quicker than driving.

McHappyPants2012 Sat 03-Nov-12 21:27:19

My son has asd aswell and I don't treat him any different to dd.

If I had that train of thought we would be in the house 24/7. Should any celebs children miss out because of the paperazzi.

Suri has been picture walking, I would do the same as Katie Holmes to protect my child most parents would

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