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to want to poke my neighbour in the eye...

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welshinexile Fri 02-Nov-12 23:08:04

This is my first post but would love some advice.
Basically DS started school in sept and didnt know anyone as went to an out of the area nursery- we vaguely knew the neighbours after moving to a new house in feb and their son turned out to be in the same class as my DS. The neighbour made it clear to me that her DS knew 20 kids out of a class of 30.
I was quite happy to start with as at least my DS knew someone & as a result, while he settles in, he has someone to play with. However the neighbours son has been really horrible to my son - telling him to go away in the playground and generally upsetting him. The neighbour has also made it very clear that she doesnt like my son, ignoring him most of the time. Last week she asked my DS (in front of me) if he felt left out. He's only 4 and I was very upset by her comments. My DS keeps mentioning things that next doors son has said to him and they arent very nice.
So, should I say something to my neighbour? Or mention it to the teacher? Or leave well alone?
I am quite upset about it but have always very much taken the view that DS will make his own friends in time. He is playing with other kids but there is still this issue with next doors kid.

IWishIWasSheRa Fri 02-Nov-12 23:14:54

Yanbu but from experience I would say just tell your child to play with someone else, this will happen more than once during their school years and the best thing you can do is equip them with the skills on how to handle it. Explain not everyone is as kind as he is, ignore it, play with someone else and not to copy the behaviour as this girl is learning how to behave and he should be proud he knows how to treat people kindly.
Well, that's what I did but may be wrong! Hope he's ok

AgentZigzag Fri 02-Nov-12 23:19:48

Keeping it in mind that the way a 4 YO describes things said to them might not come across as how they were actually said, it's really about how your DS feels about school and this lad.

The things you say as being evidence she doesn't like your DS are a bit ambiguous, not every parent gets down to chat with their friends children, and surely she wouldn't being having a dig at a 4 YO in front of their mum asking whether he felt left out in the way you're taking it?

If you thought she definitely was, did you ask her what she meant by it?

Because it's not a totally black and white situation, I would probably keep my eye on what's going on between the children and have a word with the mum if you feel things to be escalating or you see something yourself that's 'beyond reasonable doubt' her being shitty with you/your DS.

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