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to expect the BBC to not sensationalise news stories?

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cricketballs Fri 02-Nov-12 17:28:49

the latest report from OFQUAL regarding the GCSE English marks fiasco here and the BBC just go with the story which the readers of several newspapers would want to read rather than putting a balanced view and actually present the facts regarding Controlled Assessment marks?

In their sensationalist of the story they fail to mention that teachers are given marking schemes and guide lines by the exam board ; work is then moderated by the same exam board (teachers have no control whose work is called for). If marking is too generous, then the exam board report back to the school (the whole cohort can be downgraded) and give advise for the next series of CA assessments. Teachers are being blamed for the exam boards responsibility.

The latest report is also not in keeping with their previous reports suggesting that the grade boundaries were too lenient in January.

The report from the BBC is disgraceful and just feeds to teacher bashing agenda that Gove and his cronies are setting - is it too much to ask for a balanced and factually correct news story to be published by a publicly funded corporation

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