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Cold Callers!

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SophieLeGiraffe Fri 02-Nov-12 10:54:21

If you're going to cold-call me at least be prepared to be pleasant and respond to the questions I ask you because no, I am not likely to agree to cavity wall and loft insulation 30 seconds into a call and yes, I will likely want to know if there is somewhere I can go to look at information. There's really no point in getting arsey with me because I say it's something I'd like to discuss with my husband and no, I don't know much about it so is there somewhere I can go to look at information?

Drives me crazy!

Yes, I know she's just doing her job but imho not very well if she can't respond to the questions I asked.

I had one call me as a business provider at work the other day who clearly had not researched my company at all. Why would you do that? And then follow up with an email that says "after researching your company online?" So unprofessional.

EmpressOfTheSevenRomanCandles Fri 02-Nov-12 11:07:01

Wind them up - especially the business provider one. I do it regularly at work. Or better yet, turn it round & try to sell to them, they hate that.

Fireytiger Fri 02-Nov-12 11:13:29

The best one is about my personal computer, why are they phoning me? I have just been told:

'Ma'am I know more about your computer than you do.'

Really? Really? How is that possible. Such a scam. I must get 3 or 4 of these phone calls a day.

EmpressOfTheSevenRomanCandles Fri 02-Nov-12 11:43:57

Ooh. I'd want to know exactly what they know. In detail.

SophieLeGiraffe Fri 02-Nov-12 11:53:21

Was it one of the Microsoft calls?

My Mum once answered the phone at my house to someone claiming they were calling about my computer and it was very important and then shouted at her when she said she wasn't me and he told her she was lying. Outrageous.

CruCru Fri 02-Nov-12 13:12:10

At work I get industry specific recruitment consultants ringing up constantly. The spiel is usually "major company looking for senior person to blah blah blah, need to be open to opportunities etc and you have been recommended by a colleague".

Who has recommended me?

It's confidential, we can't say.

What do you know about me?

Um, we know you qualified in [year] and work in [industry sector].

I'm not interested in moving right now.

Then they try to get hold of my home number / email address etc and try to get me to give them names of colleagues who might be interested. It's basically telesales where the person tries to get you to do part of their job for them. The information they have is publicly available so it's all such bullshit. I had the same guy ring me twice this week because he hadn't updated his records.

I get the Windows Support ones as well. Had my first PPI call the other day.

BlissfullyIgnorant Fri 02-Nov-12 13:22:43

I've had the heavily-accented Steven from India (didn't know it was such a popular name among our ethnic minority cousins) telling me he needed to speak to "someone in household who is having accident recently, in last six months." Told him he was making it up and to leave me alone.
Then I get the guy from Manchester (not a strong accent and sounded like his real name) insisting I needed him to reclaim my PPI because I filled in a form saying I needed help. I didn't at all - he was lying. Told him to go away and leave me alone - I could manage it myself.
Then I get the usual people calling "on behalf of" BT, offering me the best deal ever on wifi. I told one he could not possibly in his wildest dreams beat our deal. He was quite insistent so I asked how much he would pay us as we get it for free through DH's work. grin
Overall, they make me angry

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