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To not want any more trick or treaters tonight!

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littlemisspumpkin Wed 31-Oct-12 19:09:43

Because I want to have some sweets left for me!

We have had absolutely loads this year, and the sweets are going down fast!

We have now turned out the outside light and flashing pumpkin in the window, and all the local children we know have been.

We only went to a couple of houses on our street who had decorations up and who we know.

We have had loads of older kids this year too I wonder if I am to old to dress up too

loveulotslikejellytots Wed 31-Oct-12 19:45:09

We have no decorations up and have had loads! I wish they'd all bugger off now, my poor dog is like a jibbering wreck. He hates the noise, the gate slamming and people banging on the door. I also have to get him into the kitchen and shut the door so he can't get to the front door. He wouldn't hurt a fly usually but with the banging, noise and fireworks people have been letting off nearly every night this week I dont want him any where near strangers. He just seems very on edge, bless him, he's an old man now!

I was wondering whether to put a sign on our gate asking people not to knock but my neighbour has a newborn and has put a similar sign on her front door but she's had no luck! If people wont leave her alone with a 6 day old baby I've got no hope with my elderly staffy!

OhTheConfusion Wed 31-Oct-12 19:51:48

We have had loads and only knew three of them... my pumpkin bucket has been filled and plundered five times already!

DD2 is now in her cot sound asleep so I am hoping there are no more as they can be a tad enthusiastic with the doorbell/knocking confused

hzgreen Wed 31-Oct-12 20:05:18

We live in the city centre on a street mainly inhabited by students, drug addicts and alcoholics and I'm still hiding upstairs with all the lights off! We never get trick or treaters because of the above so haven't got any treats but this year someone knocked on the door and when DH said sorry we haven't got anything in (ignoring my suggestion of giving an apple!) the child's mother said 'what about money?' shock

StuntGirl Wed 31-Oct-12 20:06:51

We haven't had any. I'm quite disappointed. We bought a scary skull sweetie bowl especially!

julieann42 Wed 31-Oct-12 20:07:23

We have had heavy rain and so have only had 2 groups! Both children we know so I don't mind that! Grateful we haven't had hoards of kids we don't know!

BumsyClugger Wed 31-Oct-12 20:08:09

We've had one group of the neighbours kids. 5 of them. And that's it. So all the sweets are mine.

Which is just as well, as it's my birthday grin

EverybodysSpookyEyed Wed 31-Oct-12 20:08:26

The little ones have all gone home and I now have the rowdy teenagers hammering on the door, shouting through the letter box or leaning on the bell. My kids are never going to get to sleep!

I'm all out of sweets and their aggression wouldn't make me want to open the door either

(hzgreen - we had 2 teenagers turn up 2 years ago, not in costume, dh explained we were out of sweets and they said 'we take cash'. Almost expected the credit card machine to come out!)

JambalayaCodfishPie Wed 31-Oct-12 20:11:34

We've had two lots - think the weather has put the most off, it's usually popular. Now got a bucket full of sweets to eat.

Poor me!grin

DeathMetalMum Wed 31-Oct-12 20:11:58

We have had two (and neice and nephews) . Only moved in last week so waa hoping a few more of the neighbours kids would have knocked.

peppersaunt Wed 31-Oct-12 20:12:53

When we lived in a large block of flats in NYC we had 2 teenagers knock on our door fairly late. They weren't in costume but they were on their knees. We gave them sweets because we were amused!

RevoltingPeasant Wed 31-Oct-12 20:14:19

Normally love Halloween but have a tummy bug + spent today in hospital unable to drink due to scan and really want to be left alone - just had a group of kids banging on the door for about 5 minutes, leaving, coming back (could tell it was the same ones by the voices), opening the letter box and whispering 'try banging on the windows' to each other.

Should go out and have a word but in pjs and feeling too sorry for myself! <moan, moan> grin

chocolatespiders Wed 31-Oct-12 20:14:49

we have had 6 groups.... now got a bucket load of choc and glow sticks left.

weather has put people off as normally have loads more.

Loobylou222 Wed 31-Oct-12 20:15:45

Yea I have had enough I was still getting knocks at 7.45! Way too late IMO.

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