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to think that if you get their feet measured (bit complicated, [grin])

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Ithinkitsjustme Wed 31-Oct-12 12:14:19

they should end up with the same size shoes whichever shoe shop you are in and regardless who fitted them. I took my 4 yo DD2 to get new shoes last weekend. We have been getting her feet checked in her old shoes for a couple of months and kept being told that they were fine so we waited (I begrudge buying a new pair in the same size as the old ones). ANyway, we went into Clarks and she was measured as a 9E but could just about make do with an F - we weren't happy with that and they said that they had nothing in that an E but were told that they could order a pair of boots in for us. We didn't really want to wait for a week so they sent us to 2 other shops who sold Clarks shoes (amongst others), they both told us that an F was far too big but one shop thought she needed a 9 and the other a 9 1/2 E, (neither had anything that actually fitted) we eventually went back to Clarks where she was fitted by a different sales person who said that she needed a 9 1/2 E but the boots we wanted didn't come in an E fitting (even though the original sales person had been to check !) so we had to buy something completely different. I know that the sizing gages are only a guideline but how can 2 people in the same shop try the same pair of shoes on her and come up with 2 different sizes. AIBU

Ithinkitsjustme Wed 31-Oct-12 12:16:48

also, if you have, or can remeber what size shoes your DC was wearing at 3-4 please post. I think 9 1/2 for a just 4yo girl is quite large but cant remember what size my other DC were at that age. My other DD is 13 and has size 12 (adult) feet, so I'm hoping that this one isn't going to be the same.

Fakebook Wed 31-Oct-12 12:28:00

I think it's not that much big a difference. One foot may be bigger than the other anyway so have a shoe half a size bigger wont make a difference.

My dd is nearly 5 and she's size 9. Her friends aged 3-4 were size 9 and 10. My dd has always had tiny feet.

LRDtheFeministDragon Wed 31-Oct-12 12:29:52

Feet swell if you're hot and shrink if you're cold. Have you never bought a pair of shoes after a long day on your feet and realized next morning they are a size too big because you tried them on when your feet had puffed up from standing?

craftynclothy Wed 31-Oct-12 12:30:46

My kids have tiny feet. Dd2 is 3 and takes a size 5. Dd1 is 5 and still only takes an 8.

I always found Clarks would tell you the size they measure and then try to sell you anything remotely near that size they have in stock hmm

Pleasenomorepeppa Wed 31-Oct-12 12:32:15

DD is measured differently in every shop. One said that she'd need a t-bar as Mary Janes wouldn't suit her wide feet, despite the pair I was trying to buy being exactly the same make as the ones she was wearing just a size bigger!
Yesterday she was measured as nearly 9, (she's 3.5), with rather narrow feet.
The very expensive boots I eventually got for her, fell off last night whilst riding on DHs shoulders!

CanIHaveAPetGiraffePlease Wed 31-Oct-12 12:32:42

Half size isn't a lot and can change in the day.

My nearly 4 year old is 9.5 . Others think this is .big but she's also tall

BoysBoysBoysAndMe Wed 31-Oct-12 12:34:13

My ds1 was in a 10/11 at 4.

I would assume but could be wrong that in other shops when feet are measured, they are measured using different equipment?

So there may be a slight difference in sizing?

QuietNinjaTardis Wed 31-Oct-12 12:36:09

My son is a 9 and a half and he's 3 in December! He's gonna be a big foot like his dad. He also has half a size difference between each foot so one is closer to a 9 and one is 9 and a half. He's in 9 and a half so I would have thought a small difference would be ok.

Ithinkitsjustme Wed 31-Oct-12 12:37:25

It wasn't so much the measuring gage that was measuring differently as various assistants trying the same shoe on her and some saying it was long enough but too wide, others that it was too short or whatever that confused me. Surely the shoe either fits or doesn't. One shoe that "apparently" fiited in one shop was so big that it fell off in the other confused

DharmaBumpkin Wed 31-Oct-12 12:38:08

My 2.7 yr old is a size 8. She's tall but her feet aren't huge, if she's not in a size 10-11 by age 4 I'll be most amazed!

LadyofWinterfell Wed 31-Oct-12 12:38:26

DS is a size 9 at 3.1, DD2 is a 13 at 7.2, and DD1 is a 2.5-3 at 8.10.

DD1 usually needs a size bigger as she has a high instep like me, DD2 has flat feet so is a pita to buy for, and DS has rather wide feet.

I usually get them measured in Clarks, then buy from whichever shop fits them best! DDs were once measured as having smaller feet than the shoes that they'd just outgrown confused

Sirzy Wed 31-Oct-12 12:38:37

It's the same as with clothes the size in one place can vary let alone in different shops.

Ds is nearly 3 and wears clothes from 12-18 to 2-3. He is measured in clarks as a size 7 but still fits into size 6 from other places.

It's best to just see what's best in the style you like rather than assuming one size will fit

Handsfulloffun Wed 31-Oct-12 12:41:37

DT's are 27 months and are size 6.

Maybe some assistants are more accurate than others ...? Some may look at the line up and go for that one to allow them to grow and others may think it is on that 1 so go for that 1.

ZombieOnABicycle Wed 31-Oct-12 12:44:30

DD is 3 and she's already an 8,5 - but she's always had huge feet, poor girl is going to have her dad's feet (at least it saves her from having my manky toes)

BirdyBedtime Wed 31-Oct-12 12:51:50

DS will be 4 in January and he was measured as 7.5 in Clarks last month. I think he is taking after me with small feet. DD I think was around a 9 when she started school nursery at 4.4. Both mine have narrow feet so in most cases there are only one or 2 styles that they have in stock. I find that Clarks vary in terms of their fitters. In the one we go to there are 2 who i think are good and the others i don't think are as thorough.

Bunnyjo Wed 31-Oct-12 12:57:05

I have found that our local Clarks is atrocious for measuring feet - especially width. Once DD was measured at a H fitting and I was told DD had one of the widest feet she'd seen (she was previously, and has been since, measured at an E fitting). I did say 'Are you sure?' but the fitter was adamant and then got all the H (and G, obviously wasn't that sure then hmm) width shoes she had - every single one looked like a boat and DD complained they were sqaushing her toes! I left and went straight to our local independent, who measured her at an E fitting and a full size bigger!

Oh and DD was 9.5E when she started school (she'd just turned 4 in the August) and she's now 11E at 5y2m. DS is 17mth and is a dinky 4.5E.

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