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To think that some op ed columnists should stay off twitter....

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Vagabond Tue 30-Oct-12 19:09:35

.....because it reveals them to be the sip-and-click knobs that they truly are? Take a bow, India Knight. I used to enjoy her column until I followed her on Twitter. Her columns are so right-on yet her posts on Twitter reveal a person so full of self-regard, ready to mete out abuse and disdain for public opinion and the sickliest display of inner-journo ass kissing that I've ever seen.

Am enjoying her recent feud with Liz Jones though.

Don't always agree with Liz Jones but I'm on Team Liz with this one.

RinderThrillerNight Wed 31-Oct-12 15:55:53

Did I read on here once that IK was a MNer? Perhaps she has seen the vitriol towards LJ on here and thought she'd be very clever and tweet about it. Instead it has made her look quite unpleasant. Which is a shame as I used to really like reading IK's column.

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