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to want to tell my neighbours to SHUT UP!

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sleepdeprivedmentalist Tue 30-Oct-12 11:56:57

I just need to vent. I'm so sleep deprived I feel ill. My DS is now 15 months old. Still waking in the night a few times and due to teething this can be for 2 hours or so. Not just a quick wake up and resettle. He's not a good sleeper. Since going to 1 nap, he's in a routine of sleeping for about an hour around 11am. I usually try and catch up a bit on some sleep myself which sees me through the day. Evenings have also improved a bit and usually I can have about an hour before being woken up for the first 'resettling'.

My DH doesn't help at all with DS. Weekends are usually hard work as next door are at home and are very very loud. They have two boys and a horrible dog. They ALL shout. Incapable of talking. Not their fault we have crappy thin walls but they are driving me nuts.

Now it's half term this week I can't even catch up on a bit of kip during the week.

I got no rest yesterday evening because they let their kids stay up till gone 11pm and they were shouting, banging and screaming all that time. Dog scratching the skirting and barking. All this in the room adjoining our bedroom. Literally a foot behind my head board.

I've just tried to get a rest whilst baby naps this morning and again next door shouting and banging so I've had none and baby is now awake. I feel in a daze. My head is pounding. I have just burst into tears.

For the sake of keeping the peace I won't actually say anything to neighbours. Can't really can I ? If they wanna let their 4 year old stay up till 11pm and think it's ok to scream and shout all bluddy day, then I guess that's how they choose to live. I guess I just have to drink a ridiculous amount of coffee this week and long for next week when I m ight get a tiny weeny bit of peace, and a little bit of sleep. Just needed to rant and see if anyone else thinks IABU for thinking they are utter selfish tw*ts, along with my DH who doesn't help. I think I hate the whole world today I am so tired.

PumpkInDublic Tue 30-Oct-12 12:00:35

Your neighbours do not sound nice to live next too. YANBU to want to tell them to shut up.

But, and I mean this nicely, put your own house in order first. DH needs to be getting off his arse and helping with his Son.

brew for you.

SofaKing Tue 30-Oct-12 12:01:55

I'm so sorry for you, I've been there. My neighbours got their house done up when I had a newborn and 18 month old, they moved out. It was so bad the builders bashed a picture off my living room wall. I thought I was going to die from lack of sleep.

Can you go out to a friend or relative and get a nap at theirs? Or put on loud but soothing music for you and baby that might let you get some sleep by blocking their noise.

SecretCermonials Tue 30-Oct-12 12:03:53

Ok this is trick. YANBU to expect them
Not to scream and shout all the time but sleep deprivation might be making the noises seem louder? Re the late night stuff... Why dont you go round and ask the to keep it down? Obviously 2 children and a dog will make more noise but it shouldnt be at that time of night IMHO. My neighbours are moving hut their kids were screaming and running up and down the hall circa 10pm last week, I knocked and haven't heard a peep since, people dont always realise how their noises affect others.

Re your Partner not helping ... Yabu ask him or tell him to help no use being a martyr about that dont put up with it.

MrsMuddyPuddles Tue 30-Oct-12 12:11:38

"For the sake of keeping the peace I won't actually say anything to neighbours. "

You are being a loon. Step 1: wait until you're slightly not crabbit. step 2: knock politely on their door and ask them to keep the noise down at night. step 3: call Environmental Health Noise protection team. step 4: start a diary of the anti-social noise.

MrsMuddyPuddles Tue 30-Oct-12 12:12:09

ps- if they aren't TOLD there is a problem, they won't KNOW there's a problem. They aren't mind readers!

honeytea Tue 30-Oct-12 12:30:05

What does your child do when he wakes up in the night? I guess he doesn't just sit quietly in his cot. You are probably disturbing them at much more antisocial hours than they are disturbing you.

sleepdeprivedmentalist Tue 30-Oct-12 12:52:36

MrsMuddy Believe me they are the types that just don't care how their behaviour affects others. They park their cars across our front door regularly etc.

Honey Yes I know my baby screams loudly but that is something unavoidable. If when he grows older, I will not be allowing him to bang the furniture, scream and shout late at night, esp if I know his bedroom is next to my neighbours'. For the same reason, I don't allow OUR dog to maraud around the house barking and digging at the adjoining walls. I have actually spoken to them before in passing as I don't wish to disturb them when baby screams and they told me as they sleep in the attic, they don't hear him. It is their older son who may be affected but from what they say, he has never noticed.

As for my DH not helping, that is a massive problem that I can't fix other than to LTB as mnet likes to coin a phrase.

mrsfuzzy Tue 30-Oct-12 13:27:58

why isn't your dh helping out, tell him how it is, you are knackered and need help and while he's listening would he please go and speak to the neighbours and ask them if they could keep the noise down a bit. if he won't help out then that is a situation in itself that need dealing with. as afar as the neighbours go as a last resort i would keep careful notes of when these disturbances are occuring, they would have to be pretty thick not to realise that screaming and shouting late at night isn't going to disturb anyone. take it up with environmental health at the council offices, this is in place to help with such problems.

SecretCermonials Tue 30-Oct-12 13:31:32

If they dont care and there is an issue you take it further you dont just swallow it. As for the poster who said about baby crying... Pathetic comment tbh babies cry, the OP said she tends to the baby so I doubt they are having hours of inconsolable wailing!

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