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to accept €10 for a €20 item?

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MyLastDuchess Mon 29-Oct-12 19:29:42

I've put an item on a local 'for sale' site asking for 18 euros plus postage (which costs 2 euros). I wouldn't expect to get that much for it as it costs about the same direct from the manufacturer. I've been offered 10 euros plus postage for it, should I accept?

This is a bit of a dumb AIBU but I'm just not sure whether the buyer is being a bit cheeky or perhaps I am naive about how much I can expect to get. After all if you can buy it direct from the manufacturer I suppose you would want a bit of a discount for the 'risk' of buying from a stranger online (though our local site is not a hotbed of scammers like, say, eBay - possibly because in this country we always pay by direct bank transfer so you know exactly where and to whom your money is going!)

The item is an unopened (factory sealed) personal care product which I don't need, so perhaps I should just be happy to get anything for it?

Walkacrossthesand Mon 29-Oct-12 19:38:13

I think you need to decide how much (little) you're prepared to accept for it - brand new price seems optimistic, but it is unused & sealed so half price is a bargain for the buyer - and then again, some people give away unwanted stuff & get nothing for it! If you say no to this offer & get nothing, how sad will it make you? Could you offer to let it go for £12-£15 perhaps?

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