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To be fed up with poo?

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HoobleDooble Mon 29-Oct-12 10:35:01

I've cleared up the dog poo off the pavement outside my house twice in the last week to stop people treading in it (especially the postman, who would tread it up my path and myself, who would forget when getting out of the car and trail it through the house). I've just left for work and there's another huge steaming pile!

It must be someone who walks their furry crapping machine either very early in the morning or very late at night as I never seem to be around when they do it.

Any tips on how to deter them or catch them and rub their face in it?

slartybartfast Mon 29-Oct-12 10:51:37

i think you can buy a plastic card with a picture of a dog and a poo crossed out?

MrsBethel Mon 29-Oct-12 11:21:52

I'd have a stake out, then follow them home. Once you know where they live, you know where to take the poo if you ever have to clear it up again.

Or you could be a bit less passive agressive and confront them. I think my way's more fun, though.

crazy8 Mon 29-Oct-12 11:26:01

Sprinkle chilli powder or very strong smelling disinfectant.grin

Shalloween Mon 29-Oct-12 12:54:36

Glue a plastic joke shop poo to the pavement outside your house. Even dog owners will step over a poo and drag their dog away from it. The dog won't have time to poo outside your house. Problem solved.

bedmonster Mon 29-Oct-12 13:01:23

Shalloween, this is a great idea, I might do this myself. I accidentally trod in cat shit a few weeks ago and trod it all the way upstairs and into the dcs bedrooms before noticing. If u had found the cat at the time I would have crapped on its head. (Sorry for thread derailment)

BonaDea Mon 29-Oct-12 13:02:42

YANBU. That's disgusting.

A few months ago I saw a teenage boy with his large dog stop outside our house when the dog walked into the middle of the lawn and squatted. I banged on the window, but the boy had earphones on, so ran downstairs and out the front door and chased him until I caught up with him.

I gave him a right rollicking. The dog initially growled at me (only fair, I suppose, I was shouting at his master) but I turned round and told him to sit very firmly which he did. The red mist descended further when the boy tried to deny it and so I told him I'd have his dog put down if I saw him anywhere near my house again (how I wonder?!).

I actually still feel guilty about this as the boy ended up upset. But really - allowing your dog to sh!t in someone else's garden?!

MrsKeithRichards Mon 29-Oct-12 13:37:17

It's rank! I had this for a while and made it my maternity leave mission to catch the fuck.

I printed a sign saying I've alerted the council, they'll be in touch with a fine now away and shite on your own doorstep!

That helped.

FolkGhoul Mon 29-Oct-12 14:17:55

BonaDea I don't care what anyone else says, you are my new hero!

Don't feel guilty. If you're big enough to let your dog crap in someone else's garden, you're big enough to take the rollicking when they don't like it!

ScaryHalloweenNameChange Mon 29-Oct-12 14:19:30

I've had enough of poo poo though. It's always leaking up the bloody nappy and making vests all poo stained. Hate it.

MateyM00 Mon 29-Oct-12 14:22:44

the neighbour on our corner has a very loud beeper that goes off when anyone is near.

not sure it puts anyone off though!

HowlingOScara Mon 29-Oct-12 14:25:15

I'd keep watch until I found out who it was and then bag up the shit and put it through their letterbox.

I might also bag up loads of other random shit and put it through too is I was feeling particularly aggrieved

Floralnomad Mon 29-Oct-12 14:27:03

Have you got one of those outside lights that come on when people approach the house , I think the light may put people off not picking up as they might be worried about being seen .

ScaryBeardyDeadyman Mon 29-Oct-12 14:33:13

You need a dog hitman. Not a hitman who's a dog obviously, that'd be silly! But one who can fire a cork up a dog's arse at 50 paces!

Ephiny Mon 29-Oct-12 14:36:39

Report it to your local council.

HoobleDooble Tue 30-Oct-12 06:32:43

Oh, I do fancy the idea of the sniper with a cork! Have filled in an online form with our council, but it asks for a description of the dog and name of its owner. If I knew that, I'd have had words. Think I'll lie in wait with my camera and get a bit of evidence for the council if they refuse to pick it up.

ripsishere Tue 30-Oct-12 06:44:27

A person near my DDs last school put up a sign saying he'd report the person to the council dog wardens if he saw them using the path outside his door as a toilet.
Someone used to let their dog pee all over my front garden wall. it stank.

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