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AIBU to want to be treated more like a Bond girl?

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Campari Sat 27-Oct-12 17:00:01

DH has just said that he fancies himself as "a bit of a James Bond type bloke." He says he has the muscles, height, looks, intelligence and, I had to stop myself choking on my dinner at this one....."sauveness.." LOL

I love my DH and wouldnt change him for the world, but we are far from living in the world of James Bond...for example instead of Aston Martin car chases in Monte Carlo, we are more likely to be found circling Tescos carpark looking for a space for our clapped out Ford Mondeo...instead of playing poker and sipping Martinis (shaken not stirred), we are usually down Mecca Bingo glugging back the house red (large one, cheapest on menu). Also, the last time I checked, it was DIAMONDS are forever, not Cubic fact the more I think about it, the more I believe he is the cruel villain keeping me hostage and I should be waiting for a real James Bond to come rescue me, and whisk me off in a jetpack....

So ladies, what do think, any chance of this ever happening or should I just pipe down and get back to ironing the kids schoolshirts....??? grin grin grin

WaitingForMe Sat 27-Oct-12 18:45:39

I've in the past explained my ideals as wanting to live in a Sunday supplement article... runs arty business, poses in huge gorgeous kitchen of stunning house with casually undone hair in amazing dress while throwing casual lunch for friends of top restaurant standard.

I'm all about the fantasy life and don't let reality get in your way. When I was dating DH I was a bit hmm that he didn't have a cocktail shaker or much booze but after crushing some sugar and squeezing a lemon I was able to shake up some whisky and ice in a formula bottle to make myself a whisky sour that I drank out of a wineglass.

Drag out your hold ups, put on your best dress and dig out a champagne flute even if you've only got lemonade to drink out of it. I'm sure he's on his way (but maybe keep ironing while you wait wink )

Campari Sat 27-Oct-12 19:04:54

Thats a good idea grin

I suppose I'm just pissed off that the Post Office doesnt seem to have any application forms for a "Licence to Kill." Bloody bureacracy getting in the way of my fantasy life!!!!!!

Campari Sat 27-Oct-12 19:09:25

....also James Bond usually snacks on caviar. Ive just caught DH in the fridge scoffing on some anaemic looking hot dog sausages LOL!!

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