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To have absolutely no idea what I want to do with my life?

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OhThisIsJustGrape Fri 26-Oct-12 10:39:40

Long story: was very capable academically at school but I chose to have fun with my friends rather than knuckle down and work hard. Result was, unsurprisingly, I didn't get the greatest set of gcse results although did get 5 A-C grades.

Left school, gave college a go (A levels) but ended up getting kicked out of home due to my appalling behaviour. College fell by the wayside and I left there after a term too. Eventually sorted myself out, moved back home, got a job and realised I needed to sort my life out. Applied to a different college for the following September but fell pregnant in the May. Decided to keep my baby against everyone's wishes (inc the father's) and didn't go to college. Instead I took one a level when DS was 2yrs old.

Met my now DH, we had another child together, I worked various jobs when the children were small but mostly shop work. By the time they were both at school I managed to get a job as a teaching assistant. I loved this job, learnt sign language etc but then we decided to have another baby. Followed by another. I now haven't worked in 5yrs, youngest dc is 2yrs old.

I know I'll have to get a job once he starts school but what? I've always wanted to be a midwife but realistically this won't happen. DH works very long hours in his own business and that will always take priority over any work that I do (for one I could never match his earning potential), childcare will always come down to me in school holidays and if ill

Nigglenaggle Fri 26-Oct-12 16:04:31

Midwifery is very competitive to get into but still not sure why you couldnt give it a go, once kids are all at school, especially if DH has good earning potential and is supportive. Could you do another part time A-level while you are waiting for the youngest to grow up a bit?

If you've really ruled it out, what about a (cant remember the proper title) midwifery assistant? There were a few of these in the hospital when I was in helping care for the babies after birth.

If you are looking for inspiration there are several 'whats my ideal job' type quizzes on-line. They aren't supposed to be mega-accurate but are good for ideas - you enter your qualifications so far and interests, likes/dislikes etc and it comes up with something.

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