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To think the SSPCA is a joke?

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midori1999 Thu 25-Oct-12 00:50:49

Particularly it's homing policies.

They were quite happy for us to take an un neutered rabbit and then take our word for it, with no proof that it had been neutered. They made a point of saying, a follow up homecheck, the only way they would check it had been neutered, was very, very unlikely. They were also prepared to let us turn up, choose a rabbit and take one home the same day. No home check, no 'cooling off' period etc. They didn't even ask about what accomodation the rabbit would be kept in.

However, by chance I mentioned that we were a forces family and although there is no mention of this on their website or anywhere else, we were refused a rabbit on this basis, as they apparently have a blanket ban on homing pets to forces families. hmm

Surely it's ridiculous to have a blanket ban due to someone's employment, yet be so irresponsible in the other matters mentioned? confused

GlitterySkulls Thu 25-Oct-12 01:56:03

a few years ago, DH & I picked a dog from our local sspca rehoming centre, pending homecheck. after the homecheck had been carried out, we heard nothing from them for a few days, so i called them to see what the score was. i was told the dog we'd reserved had been destroyed as "no-one wants staffies" when i very angrily responded that "actually, we wanted him, that's why we reserved him" i was nonchalantly told "oh well, just pick a different one, we're over-run with the things". i hissed obscenities at the horrible bitch, told her exactly where they could ram their "generous offer" & slammed the phone down in tears. i've never donated to them again, & try to convince others not to either. horrible organisation sad

Softlysoftly Thu 25-Oct-12 02:00:33

shock both of those!

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