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To order a take away for tea- even though im meant to be dieting

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TraineeBabyCatcher Wed 24-Oct-12 19:17:08

So far I have done very well, but today I am cold and wet, I won't be home till half past 9 as my 2 hour commute has been stretched to 3 hours as my tire blew on my bike and I had to.drag it two the bike shop (on the way to the train station) get myself a new tyre and inner and drag it to the train station, missing my hourly train my 3 minutes. Im, tired I'm wet and the last thing I want to do is cook.
Is it possible to get a healthy take away? Woe is me.

tescocarrierbagexplosion Wed 24-Oct-12 19:27:36

Just get a takeaway! One won't kill the diet!

loveroflife Wed 24-Oct-12 19:33:27

You could get chicken tikka (main) just chicken pieces, cooked in charcoal oven (dry though), you normally get a salad on the side and you could order plain boiled rice to go with it.

Although, I always let myself down by ordering a garlic naan instead of the rice, tearing bits off it and wrapping the chicken pieces in it and pouring the mint sauce over them and shovelling it down <it is orgasmic, I kid you not>

sushi is a healthy dinner or if you have a decent kebab shop, chicken on a skewer in pitta and salad - no sauce though!

StaceymReadyForNumber3 Wed 24-Oct-12 19:36:12

Chicken shush from the kebab shop isn't a bad takeaway along with salad and a pitta it's pretty filling too.

RedZombie Wed 24-Oct-12 19:36:51

Get a big greasy chow mien. Dragging the bike exerts loads more energy than riding it, probably, so you need the extra calories (sort of)

FairhairedandFrustrated Wed 24-Oct-12 19:38:50

What 'diet' is it? I follow slimming world and Chinese dishes aren't too bad smile

Boiled rice with beef and black bean is a good choice, as is chowmein.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 24-Oct-12 19:41:08

Beef and broccoli isn't bad on Weightwatchers. Japanese is always good. This reminds me of having the same conversation with a friend of mine. she asked, "can I make fish and chips healthy?" I answered that she could if she didn't eat the chips and took the batter off the fish. She answered, "by fish, I meant battered sausage". There's nothing you can do with a battered sausage to make it healthy...

Autumnchill Wed 24-Oct-12 19:43:45

If its Slimming Word then my go to takeaway is Chow Mein or Chicken Tikka with large salad or boiled rice

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