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To be pissed off at boden

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SaraBellumHertz Wed 24-Oct-12 16:51:36

I finally decided to give boden a go and ordered a leather jacket 2 weeks ago.

Ordered jacket.
Received confirmation email
Received confirmation that card payment was authorised.

I live overseas. It is 32c here I don't have a coat. Jacket should be waiting at my sisters for me to arrive tomorrow. Only it's not cos it is out of stock. And despite the fact they manage to send me ten million wanky emails about how much they want my custom, even though I've never actually bought anything from them they totally failed to let me know they wouldn't be delivering

The one occasion when I could have actually done with a little note from Johnny nada!

I fear I shall freeze!

SoleSource Wed 24-Oct-12 17:27:03

When is it going to be back in stock? We are having a warmish October but no good for the temp you've been used to. Maybe buy another at airport if you can Sorry sad

YANBU it really annoys me that some places let you order THEN tell you its out of stock when they have taken your order already. I had one that said 6 weeks delivery then just cancelled my order cos the items were out of stock and not coming back. I only found out by checking the delivery on the order. 5000 marketing e-mails but not one to tell me this was happening! much prefer the places that say clearly 'not in stock' before you place an order and get all excited about stuff arriving

Backtobedlam Wed 24-Oct-12 17:59:35

YANBU-boden are a nightmare for this. I ordered a load of stuff, which they then told me half of which was out of stock. It then arrived in dribs and drabs over the following 4 weeks. What really peeved me was during this time I got loads of marketing emails with discounts that I could have used if I'd waited and ordered at a later date!

Do you live anywhere near Birmingham btw? They now have a pop up shop there.

angel1976 Wed 24-Oct-12 18:03:43

Have given up on Boden completely. I bought a dress I was drooling over the catalogue. It was £99 but I got 20% off, was still £80-plus. I wore it like 4 times and there's a tiny hole in the sleeve. I won't be able to send it back cos of course, I don't have the receipt and I bought it many eons ago but only wore it a handful of times since. If you like Boden stuff, try Fat Face or White Stuff - both have GORGEOUS stuff for half the price of Boden and a lot hardier!

angel1976 Wed 24-Oct-12 18:04:40

YANBU btw! (Can someone tell me how to stop the deluge of catalogues that seem to come through the door every other day???!!!!!)

Dancergirl Wed 24-Oct-12 18:04:57

32 degrees F surely??? Otherwise you'd be baking!

bedmonster Wed 24-Oct-12 18:07:29

Agree with others that they're bad for doing this, had half an order arrive before BEFORE telling me the other half wouldn't be coming for 4-6 weeks. Cancelled the rest of my order but they had already taken payment.

pongysticks Wed 24-Oct-12 18:07:42

angel1976 no no honestly take a picture email it and chat to them -I had this with a pair of DS jeans they fell apart about 6 months after buying them at £18 not cheap and I expect them to last - so I emailed and they said either a credit note or a new pair of jeans! They were really helpful.

MaureenCognito Wed 24-Oct-12 18:09:08

who says you cant take it back? you odnt have a recepit? you ordered online ffs

SlipperyNipple Wed 24-Oct-12 19:56:20

I quite like Boden and have never had a problem.

There is a note at the back of the catalogues that tells you how to stop them completely or get one a season.

SlipperyNipple Wed 24-Oct-12 19:57:07

And yes they have a no quibble returns policy.

AnnaLiza Wed 24-Oct-12 20:14:29

I disagree. Their customer service is the best I've ever had in this country. If there's a problem they refund immediately or if fey cock up in some way they often send you a £10 voucher (like recently when they were offering a free paper bag with every order but they ran out). How many companies do that?
Tbh I'm not always keen on their clothes and on their quality but I buy from them because I like the way they value their customers and that makes up for other faults IMO.
I do agree that the number of catalogues is ridiculous though.

MaureenCognito Wed 24-Oct-12 20:28:59

Agree. Always find very good.

CreepyLittleBat Wed 24-Oct-12 20:40:04

a free paper bag?!?

AnnaLiza Wed 24-Oct-12 21:04:21

Sorry, fabric bag.
I'd much rather have had £10 off than an Eco shopper!

Loveweekends10 Thu 25-Oct-12 00:42:14

I quite like them. A bit too much than is good for my bank balance really. Yesterday I thought I will go to m&s and see what they have instead of buying from boden. I could not find anything. I tried on their boots but they just didn't compare. Their dresses were loads thinner than the £38 boden dress I was wearing. I walked out having only bought a sandwich. I have found that fat face clothes develop bobbles on the fabric and white stuff the fabric is always so thin.
So I will stick with boden and use voucher codes where possible.
Doesn't it tell you when you order if item is in stock or not? It does with me. It then says how many weeks it will be in if out of stock.

SaraBellumHertz Thu 25-Oct-12 04:09:32

dancergirl nope def 32c (about 90f) I live in flip flops and beach dresses hence need for a warm coat.

loveweekends the point is they never told me it was out of stock - payment went through, the confirmation delivery said delivery on 3-5 working days. It was only because I phoned my sister to ask her to unwrap it and hang it that we realised it hadn't arrived.

So I phoned boden and their response is oh yeah we should have sent you a letter. But we can see we didn't. Grrrrr

StrawberrytallCAKE Thu 25-Oct-12 04:20:04

I always thought they were pretty good and sure they take payment on dispatch?? They sent me a new pair of trousers for dd when they sent the wrong ones without question. The sending extra vouchers after purchase is irritating though.

The shop in b-ham is really not worth going to FYI, if it's out on the website there is no way it'll be in there. In fact it looks dull and makes the clothes look awful.

StrawberrytallCAKE Thu 25-Oct-12 04:21:38

If you want a warm coat that's quite reasonable gap have a nice warm parka in with fluffy hood and 30% off too.

Hyperballad Thu 25-Oct-12 05:00:08

I quite like the idea of being pissed off with Boden, it would mean that I have some money again!

I think being pissed off with joules would be a real achievement for me.

(goes off to have a nice little daydream about spending loads of money)

superwomanisamyth Wed 07-Nov-12 11:48:55

I think Boden has one of the best customer services I have ever encountered.
I don't think is perfect but who is? Some of the stuff is overpriced so worth waiting for discounts and sales. I just think it fits with my lifestyle in the sense of always being so busy working and with the kids that hardly ever had time to go shopping(Not moaning I like my life!). Being able to try on a lot of stuff at home is jolly convenient and styles are in my humble opinion better than in most shops of that price range.

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