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to think that a letter would have the job (and saved me and the health service time and money)

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Ithinkitsjustme Wed 24-Oct-12 16:50:07

My DS2 was suffering from severe headaches and we were referred to teh children's hospital for investigation. He was given bloodtests, an MRI scan and some medication. We were sent a follow up appointment for yesterday, we were kept waiting for nearly 2 hours past our appointment time and when we did finally get to see a doctor we were told that everything was fine, they must have been tension headaches and if they recurred we should ask our GP for a repeat prescription for the tablets he had been given. Now, I appreciate that they can't help the extra waiting time as the people in front of us must have had more complex issues but couldn't they have just sent a letter saying that everything was fine and unless we had any other concerns that they didn't need to see us again? It seemed a total waste of the doctors time, as well as mine.

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