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To have encouraged my 2 year old to play

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Haahoostory Wed 24-Oct-12 16:32:17

With a Wildlife Trust man's toy whales, whilst I engaged in an interesting conversation with him about sharks and whales and sea kayaking, which I started, but then left him without signing up to a direct debit payment scheme to donate £4.50 a month to Essex Wildlife Trust.
I now feel bad, for
A) luring him in to believing I was going to become a member by approaching his table and talking to him
B) for taking up his time (although he did seem to enjoy our conversation)
C) for not signing up for regular donations and helping Essex barn owls, crayfish and water voles etc. I do want them to thrive and live happy lives, and maybe me living so near to them and using fossil fuels is causing them to die and it'll all be my fault when they do as I didn't give the nice man a paultry £4.50 a month. But I do support other charities and maybe they are more important or maybe they are not? I don't know.
So AIBU and should I return tomorrow and sign up?

OldCatLady Wed 24-Oct-12 16:34:44

I'm actually confused what you at asking. Of course you don't have to give him £4.50 a month in exchange for your dc playing with the toys. You showed interest, but decided it wasn't for you, no big deal.

ObiWan Wed 24-Oct-12 16:37:42

grin Do you work for the Essex Wildlife Trust OP?

Haahoostory Wed 24-Oct-12 16:42:36

No, but I think I'd like to. Not the selling bit, but stomping around the countryside in waders with a clip board swinging on a bit of string around my neck. And on my clipboard I'd write lots of important things about water voles.

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