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To think i should not have been banned from for this.

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TinyDancingHoofer Wed 24-Oct-12 11:17:16

Way back in march i did a big internet shop, including topshop. When i got my topshop parcel it had obviously been tampered with and after opening there was an item missing. I called customer services, they were very nice, refunded the item and apologised. I actually said i'd rather have the item than a refund but it was then sold out in my size.
I have made orders between now march and now, nothing wrong. Yesterday i made an order and then got an email to be told it was cancelled. At the same time made a miss self ridge order, which was also cancelled. Today i phoned customer services to be told that the item missing in march had been refunded in store using the order number. But it wasn't refunded to my card. And so i am blocked from purchasing anything from topshop or its associates online. The customer services lady made me feel all embarrassed, as though i had actually done what they were saying. She said i could still shop in stores but I am currently unable to go into stores to shop as i am recovering from serious illness.
I have been quite a good customer and i am a bit hmm that they have banned me for supposedly returning a £15 item that i never received. Do you think i have been rightly banned? (And yes i am aware this is not a huge problem and will have very little impact on my daily life.)

YellowRiver Wed 24-Oct-12 11:20:02

This sounds crazy to me. So, someone stole the item out of the parcel to claim the cash back in a store, and now you are being punished?

ViviPru Wed 24-Oct-12 11:20:38

That's terrible. I'd escalate it.

lalaland30008 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:21:55

Erm, well of course yanbu, but did you explain what happened. Sounds as though the deilivery people or somewhere along the way stole your item. Dd you explain this?

And surely if you paid by card then the item can only be refunded back onto your card. And you should have proof that it was not.

poorbuthappy Wed 24-Oct-12 11:22:28

I think I'd be kicking up a big fuss and shouting about a major scam here...I wonder how many times this has happened?
Was it refunded by cash?

quoteunquote Wed 24-Oct-12 11:22:47

So basically they are accusing you of being dishonest,

I would write to head office (chairman) and ask for a written explanation.

ask why they have decided you are dishonest,

Does topshop have a face book page? set up a twitter account, ask them on there.

ViviPru Wed 24-Oct-12 11:22:49

good point, lala...

YellowRiver Wed 24-Oct-12 11:23:26

I agree with ViviPru - you should make a big fuss over this, how rude! How has the other person got hold of your order number, was there paperwork in the parcel too?

TinyDancingHoofer Wed 24-Oct-12 11:23:39

I think it was refunded to a gift card. I tried to explain but the lady on the she phone listened and then told me i'm still banned.

eurowitch Wed 24-Oct-12 11:24:16

Yep, escalate it.

geegee888 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:25:46

Actually I had a somewhat similar experience shopping online with Miss Selfridge. I bought one of their "designer" special edition dresses and nothing arrived. Phoned them up after a couple of weeks (busy life!) and was told it was out of stock and they would issue me a refund.

So basically if I hadn't phoned them up, they would have kept my money which had been immediately debited from my account the moment I placed the order, and not contacted me to say the dress was out of stock!

Guy on the phone had a totally arsy attitude as well, kept banging on about it being a very in demand item from their <designer> range until I got fed up and told him icily "I don't think we're exactly talking haute couture here, are we?!"

TinyDancingHoofer Wed 24-Oct-12 11:25:56

The delivery came in a big topshop box, that was open on one side and covered in mangled parcel tape as though it had been pulled off that side. If it was the delivery people than the order number would have been in their paperwork.

ENormaSnob Wed 24-Oct-12 11:26:14

So they are accusing you of theft and lying?

I would escalate this.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:26:52

they can see that its not gone back onto your card surely? i would kick up a fuss too.

TessOfTheBurbervilles Wed 24-Oct-12 11:28:20

YANBU at all - I agree that you should escalate it and not let it lie.

As lala said, the money should only have been refunded to your card, and you can prove it hasn't been.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:28:39

is it being investigated - ie - have they contacted the police or do they have their own fraud department?

Ask them what investigations they are doing in order to find out who is responsible.

TinyDancingHoofer Wed 24-Oct-12 11:28:52

I'm not really very good at kicking up fuss, hence my rather passive acceptance on the phone. How can i escalate? I don't have twitter/ Facebook or any online thing apart from email.

TinyDancingHoofer Wed 24-Oct-12 11:31:04

They have their own topshop fraud protection bit ,that's who i spoke to. So do you think i should start with just an email to customer services and see what happens?

nickeldaisical Wed 24-Oct-12 11:31:58

this is exactly the reason that we have rules in shops that refunds can only be refunded to the card it was paid with.
we also get their name and address when we refund.

lalaland30008 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:32:19

Plus whoever took the item into the store for a refund (which you said was put on a gift card, this would have been the case if they couldn't refund it back to your card), will have had to put their name and address on a bit of paper and sign it and it will even have a time and date on it. It's standard prcedure when returning items. So if someone has signed then this is at worst fraud and at best theft surely? In which case they need to investigate and even potentially look at cctv.

I think I'd write a big letter stating everything and asking them to look into it further.

eurowitch Wed 24-Oct-12 11:33:07

I'd phone them rather than email. And if the first person you speak to does not sort it out, ask to speak to a supervisor. If they don't sort it out, ask to speak to their supervisor. Do not lose your temper. Just keep going until you get somewhere.

nickeldaisical Wed 24-Oct-12 11:33:46

if they'd taken stuff out, then they could have made a note of the order number too.

(and I would also assume that they should not refund in store for items bought online)

their CS is inconsistent.

ViviPru Wed 24-Oct-12 11:34:15

I think I'd write a big letter stating everything and asking them to look into it further.

^^ YY this. Plus state what outcomes you would like to achieve, i.e a full and unreserved apology, and your ability to shop online reinstated.

TinyDancingHoofer Wed 24-Oct-12 11:34:23

OOh lala good point i forgot you have to sign receipt when refund is done.

lalaland30008 Wed 24-Oct-12 11:35:06

They should be able to tell you, the store it was returned to, what the date and time was. And there should be a refund receipt with a name address and signature of the person who returned the item. And they should be able to trace this.

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