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To be really upset about this girl at toddler group today.

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D0G Tue 23-Oct-12 16:08:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

D0G Tue 23-Oct-12 16:09:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Tue 23-Oct-12 16:10:49

One day karma will bite her on the arse, until then hang on in there. You handled it well, don't sweat over it.

WelshMaenad Tue 23-Oct-12 16:10:55


Shutupanddrive Tue 23-Oct-12 16:11:07

She pushed your DS over? I would be fuming!

D0G Tue 23-Oct-12 16:11:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sastra Tue 23-Oct-12 16:12:23

Eh? She pushed your child over?! What, from standing to actually on the floor??

lisad123 Tue 23-Oct-12 16:12:38

Just forget it, it will be her little one in a few months.

hobnobsaremyfave Tue 23-Oct-12 16:13:01

If an adult pushed my child over at a toddler group I would speak to whoever runs the group about it. No matter what that is not acceptable.

Shutupanddrive Tue 23-Oct-12 16:13:20

So she didn't push him over then?

straighttohellymelly Tue 23-Oct-12 16:13:51

Yes its common, and he is a very small child, not much out of babyhood. The mother was rather unkind imo, poor you. Karma will descend and one day it will be her child bashing another! My dd bit a friend at 3, friend had her in a tight grip and wouldn't let go, but we had to do a LOT of apologising to very cross parents.

D0G Tue 23-Oct-12 16:13:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sastra Tue 23-Oct-12 16:13:55

You have 4 kids. You know it's a normal stage. I'd be more concerned that a woman pushed my child over.

WelshMaenad Tue 23-Oct-12 16:14:03

Fuck me.

Well, there's a nasty bully in this situation, and it isn't your kid.

pictish Tue 23-Oct-12 16:14:05

Did she or did she not deliberately push him over?

aquavit Tue 23-Oct-12 16:14:43

he's only 2 and loads of other 2yos are like this. Think it was unkind of the other mother to say he was nasty, not surprised you were upset; I guess she was upset too? but of course he's not nasty.

it will pass

SenoritaViva Tue 23-Oct-12 16:15:05

That is awful behaviour. Not by you by her. How dare she push your DC over! How on earth does she expect him to learn if she behaves badly towards him in return? Poor you. Of course it's just a phase and karma will arrive for her (and hopefully soon with you to witness it)

D0G Tue 23-Oct-12 16:15:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecretSquirrels Tue 23-Oct-12 16:15:43

No you are not BU and she is being PFB.
There are few mothers who don't have to endure a stage where their child is pushing/hitting/biting. It's mortifying and made worse by those who behave like she did.
She should have accepted apology and left it at that.
You are doing the right things and it will pass.
Mine was a biter when he was two and is now a very quiet gentle 14 year old who hasn't bitten for 12 years grin.

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Tue 23-Oct-12 16:15:57

People are often unreasonable and react badly when their children are hurt, it's as common as the terrible twos itself.

Was her child very upset?

PropertyNightmare Tue 23-Oct-12 16:16:44

I think it's just one of those things tbh. That said i can see why you are upset. I can also see why the other mother was angered. If your child pushes/smacks etc then it isn't going to be welcomed by parents whose children don't do this. It was a tiny lapse of concentration on your part and these things happen. Don't take it to heart. Tell your boy off for his part in it then move on. Continue to supervise and chastise him as necessary. Hopefully this phase will pass soon.

D0G Tue 23-Oct-12 16:16:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pictish Tue 23-Oct-12 16:17:02

Being pissed off that a toddler that has form for hitting and pushing other children has hurt your child - ok.
Deliberately pushing the toddler over - not ok.

thebody Tue 23-Oct-12 16:17:32

She's a silly cow and I would have told her that her reaction was way over the top.

All toddlers do this at some time, you are on top if it, how ridiculous.

She will find however that the moment you get smug about your children's behaviour they generally then let you down!!!

MadameOvary Tue 23-Oct-12 16:19:24

She was OTT. I have a friend who's DS (4) has twice been scratched and bitten by another boy at nursery. The second time it happened they considered it serious enough to send the biter home. Did my friend go off on one? Nope. She just vented to me in private.

Different ages and environments, but it illustrates the sort of restraint we should exercise in these things. Your behaviour was reasonable. Hers was not.

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