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to wonder what on earth Nigella's stylist was thinking....

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SoSweetAndSoCold Mon 22-Oct-12 20:46:51

when they dressed her in that navy with red polka dots t-shirt.

It is so shapeless it makes her boobs look like they just merge in with her stomach. The arm length makes her arms look super chunky and the neckline swamps her, and gives her a monoboob.

The woman has a fabulous figure, how hard can it be to put her in something flattering!

I know this is the most trivial of niggles, but it pisses me off each time I watch her new program.

ChickenFillet Mon 22-Oct-12 20:52:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StuntGirl Mon 22-Oct-12 21:55:09

I think those round necked tops she favours so much are frigging awful.

Meta4 Mon 22-Oct-12 22:12:31

That top has been completely over-exposed...

...but I fancy her a bit too so I don't care.

Freshbloodletticia Mon 22-Oct-12 22:19:01

You can't really do highish round-necked tops if you have big norks. Even if you are Nigella who has recently lost a fair bit of weight. She looks fab in hourglass stuff, '50's cardis and scoop tops etc. empire line is good as well.
the high necks give you the mono boob ski slope look, I know these things.

SoSweetAndSoCold Mon 22-Oct-12 23:01:47

Well, we all fancy her a bit, that is just natural!!! But not in that awful top! They put her in some lovely stuff, as freshblood says, so I think the t-shirt was an attempt to make her more 'accessible', especially with the whole wearing-it-every-damn-week thing. So us poor folk will think that she only has a limited wardrobe and think she is 'one of us'.

But we love her being all posh and loaded and bedecked with a million twinkling fairly lights, that's the whole point!

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