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To think that having children isn't a race or competition?

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Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:03:41

Me and DP have started to discuss having children and are not using protection so just going to let it happen if it happens. We have to my mum and DPs mum about this. MIL then told DPs brother and his gf who didn't want children until they heard what we are doing. When I spoke to BIL today he said they ate trying like crazy for a baby as he has to have 1 first as he is the older brother.

AIBU to think it shouldn't be like this and it's not a competition?

mrscumberbatch Sun 21-Oct-12 23:06:17

Yanbu. He's being a mental.

SirBoobAlot Sun 21-Oct-12 23:07:04

He's a tit.

HoneyDragon Sun 21-Oct-12 23:09:13

Well it can't be a race or a competition.

I'm afraid my parenting skills outshine all others, past, present and future. So anyone else having children are just plain mediocre.

mrscumberbatch Sun 21-Oct-12 23:10:35

Honeydragon. It can't be true. I won Non-Jewish Parent-Type of the year.

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 21-Oct-12 23:10:36

Oh fgs what an arse he is!

Learn from it though. Tell nobody a thing. Ever.

Trills Sun 21-Oct-12 23:11:57

One of these things is clearly not true:
they didn't want children before
they are trying now

Are you sure they are not having you on?

Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:13:46

I wish id kept quiet! Hes a dick anywAy - but thats a whole new thread.
According to DP his brother and gf have taken 2 weeks of work because they have to have a baby first so need the time to make one

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Sun 21-Oct-12 23:14:09

Do they give awards for immaccing babies, HoneyDragon? grin

You would deffo win that one! wink

HoneyDragon Sun 21-Oct-12 23:14:10


'twas a pity trophy. Sorry.

You can stand within my halo of parental awesomeness if you like though?

Incidentally Op, Boobs summed it up perfectly wink

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 21-Oct-12 23:15:01

Are you sure they arent winding you up? It sounds pretty extreme.

Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:15:15

All true as he's done things like this before.
When we moved into together we had to wait a few weeks to get the keys so he had to do 1 better and move in with his ex gf before we moved in together

CouthyMowEatingBraiiiiinz Sun 21-Oct-12 23:15:56

And OP, your BIL? Being a twonk. grin

HoneyDragon Sun 21-Oct-12 23:16:14

He's taken a fortnight off to intensively attempt procreation? And is sharing?
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew and Bleurgh.


akaemmafrost Sun 21-Oct-12 23:16:36

grin what a pair of doughnuts.

Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:18:14

Trying not to think about their two weeks off ergghhhh

He's a twat. Never really liked him but will talk to him etc to keep the peace

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 21-Oct-12 23:18:29

People who brag about having sex are not having sex.

He wishes he took two weeks off to bonk. Hes probably repainting the fence.

Raspberrysorbet Sun 21-Oct-12 23:19:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Sun 21-Oct-12 23:19:44

Yanbu, it doesnt stop when the first is born either, then it becomes a race with your nct/mum friends to have #2....utterly stupid.

Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:19:59

Wannabe. - you are probably right.

Does my head in that he has to be 1 up on us all the fucking time angryangryangry

Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:21:34

Told our mums for numerous reasons
1. Me and my mum are really close so felt natural to tell her
2. To shut DPs mum up about when we're guna have a baby etc

germyrabbit Sun 21-Oct-12 23:22:42

why did you tell them?

wannabedomesticgoddess Sun 21-Oct-12 23:23:08

To be honest, you should pity him. He really is a bit fucked in the head if he has to be in competition all the time.

But I would be raging too. I probably wouldnt speak to them again.

Dordeydoo Sun 21-Oct-12 23:23:31

We didn't tell BIL and his gf. We told our mums

FutTheShuckUp Sun 21-Oct-12 23:44:12

Why would you tell your parents you are 'trying'??

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