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To refuse to travel to head office in late pregnancy?

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ivanapoo Sun 21-Oct-12 21:03:09

Trivial post alert...

As part of my fairly senior and reasonably paid job role I am expected to spend some time in one of my employer's offices which is almost a 2 hour drive away - maybe three or four times a month for meetings etc.

As I get closer to my EDD (currently 32 weeks) I feel increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of being in the car by myself on such a long journey down mobile reception-free roads or on the motorway in case I go into labour etc. I'm also a bit concerned about tiredness as the commute turns my 8 hour day into a 12 hour day. I'm not crazy about driving at night either but that's another matter...

I'm due to work until 38 weeks.

WIBU to say I don't want to drive there after 35 weeks? Am I being precious? AIBU to want to work until 38 weeks but not fulfil this part of my job? Would a better alternative be to say I will travel there but want to leave early to get home at a reasonable hour?

While I don't think my employer would have a major issue with it, I want to appear professional and am sensitive to colleagues thinking I'm not pulling my weight because I am pregnant. I think i would feel guilty about suggesting it TBH - but I also want to feel safe and happy.

vroomvroommum Sun 21-Oct-12 21:14:20

Just conference call and tell them it's because of the reduced environmental impact. wink

JellyBellies Sun 21-Oct-12 21:23:41

Hi, I was in the same situation. Ofice was
Two hours away and I went down once a week.

I stopped going in after 36 weeks even though I worked upto 39. I was taking the train down not driving. In fact when I mentioned it at work they were like - please, don't come!! grin
I don't know if it would have been any extra hassle to them if I had gone into labour on the train but they definitely did not want me to risk it!

I'm sure you work will be the same smile

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