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Faulty car part and no refund, where do I stand?

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Sparklyblue Fri 19-Oct-12 17:44:52

sorry I have put this in legal too, but it is busier here smile

My husband bought a master cylinder for our car about 3 weeks ago, it started leaking so he has taken it back.
They would not give him a refund though, they opened an account for him instead with the value of the goods.
I have just phoned them and they have explained that they will be sending the part out on Monday morning for testing, if it is found to be faulty they will get a credit, so we could get a refund. He also said it depends why it's leaking???
He didn't say what would happen if they don't get a credit.
Is this the normal thing to happen, please help confused

avivabeaver Fri 19-Oct-12 18:18:41

guess they need to be sure it wasn't badly fitted or damaged whilst being fitted. its probably common if you sell car parts that you need to make sure with the manufacturers (or more likely wholesaler) that it is faulty, rather than old, broken or deliberately damaged.

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