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to think being a stay at home mother of babies and toddlers is an absolute bloody dodfle.

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StillIRise Thu 18-Oct-12 17:15:52

compared to being a full time working (shit shifts) mother of stroppy, hormonal, expensive, complicated teenagers.

I am much more bone achingly knackered now than I was then, after a day of playdough and music group, with an afternoon nap or quite hour in front of a disney dvd.

The days when i could do tea, bath, story and bed by 6.30pm.

Compared to 8 hours on my feet, bit stressy, get in, feed 3 different times, drop off, pick up, nag about homework, worry about dodgy friends, drugs and unprotected sex.


I think not.

usualsuspect3 Thu 18-Oct-12 17:18:20

Do we really need another one of these threads?

Since when did motherhood become a bloody competition.

Yes, I am being PO, yes I can hide the thread.


StillIRise Thu 18-Oct-12 17:18:26

Of course the first 5 years is a bit blurred and fuzzy and I can't actually remember much about it.

But it can't have been that bad could it?

OddBoots Thu 18-Oct-12 17:19:19

Only one of mine is a teen (the other only thinks she is!) but yeah, this stage is harder then when they were tiny and much more stressful. I have always worked, I worked at home when they were little and work half and half in and out of the home now.

TheMightyMojoceratops Thu 18-Oct-12 17:19:53

Yes. Your life is harder than mine. You win. Congratulations. Have some thanks.

Feel better now?

OddBoots Thu 18-Oct-12 17:20:46

I do think we can only compare the different stages of our own experiences though, not with each other. We and our families are all different.

StillIRise Thu 18-Oct-12 17:21:18

Thanks mighty. Thats just what i needed.
Any chance of a foot rub?

RyleDup Thu 18-Oct-12 17:21:50

Possibly, i'm not at the teenage stage so can't compare. But toddlers are hard, and they don't have the independence that teenagers have so you are more tied to them.

HappyHippyChick Thu 18-Oct-12 17:22:40

I have the entire contents of a large pot of sudocrem over the walls, carpet, sofa, baby and toddler. Cleaning that up will be fun. I only left ds3 (2) unsupervised for about 5 mins while putting the dinner out... Doddle? I think not.

gordyslovesheep Thu 18-Oct-12 17:23:46

YABU - what you find tiring and other people do wont be the same - YABU to feel you have it tougher than anyone else (and a bit self pitying)

I found being at home harder than working - I am much less frazzled on days where I am at work !

ZombTEE Thu 18-Oct-12 17:23:59

Yes. You're right. Your life is completely impossible and mine is a breeze.

Why did I never realize this before?

My life is complete with this knowledge.

You, you know, fuck off.

NormanTheForeman Thu 18-Oct-12 17:24:41

Think it depends what kind of child you have though. Mine as a baby/toddler would never have a "quiet hour in front of the tv" and was really quite hard work, but as an almost 12 year old is very easy. Not sure what will happen once he hits the teens though...... hmm

IneedAsockamnesty Thu 18-Oct-12 17:24:58

i have dc's who are adults teenagers and babies all of them are much the same with regards to stress and energy required just in different ways.

so yabu and talking bollocks

hiviolet Thu 18-Oct-12 17:25:06

Tea bath story and bed by 6.30? Jeez, the impossible dream!

My 13 month old rarely goes to bed before 9 hmm

monkeysbignuts Thu 18-Oct-12 17:26:44


hobnobsaremyfave Thu 18-Oct-12 17:26:44

Do people deliberately star threads like this just to prove to the worl how twatty they are? It's quite an effective techique, it helps me to update my spread--twat--sheet.
OP each stage of parenting/life brings it's own shit and joy.

StillIRise Thu 18-Oct-12 17:26:50

OK. I admit defeat. I am U. So why am i so knackered?

Maybe its age? I feel old.

LolaDontCryOverSpiltBleach Thu 18-Oct-12 17:27:19

Yep, you are 100% correct OP, it is definitely harder for you Congrats and all that.

MadCap Thu 18-Oct-12 17:27:41

My second biscuit of the day.

cfc Thu 18-Oct-12 17:28:12

Oh holy fuck - I'm holding onto the 'fact' that this will get better!!

Thanks for shattering my illusions, you bitch.

FrustratedSycamoreBonks Thu 18-Oct-12 17:28:21

<gives stillirise a foot rub, and runs a baths with scented candles etc>

I would swap you anyday.

HeinousHecate Thu 18-Oct-12 17:28:27

All stages and all circumstances have their challenges. I don't think it's possible to put them in some sort of universal scale. Some people will find a stage easy that others find the most difficult. All you can say with any certainty is that you feel it was easier when you were at home with toddlers than you do now. Fair enough. Nobody can say you're wrong when you're talking about how you feel about the different stages and circumstances you've been in.

It's when you attempt to extend that to others that it falls apart.

MoreFish Thu 18-Oct-12 17:28:29

Was this not a light hearted thread?

hobnobsaremyfave Thu 18-Oct-12 17:28:37

I have 4 , when DC's were small my tiredness was due to broken sleep, hormones, relentless care of babies etc etc etc.
Now they are older they are more mentally tiring, do sheloads of stuff and I am virtually working full time . I am different knackered.
It's not a fucking competition.

LaurieBlueBell Thu 18-Oct-12 17:29:35

God no give me teenagers over toddlers any day.

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