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to not make DD wear a brace? (More of a WWYD rather than an AIBU)

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MardyBra Wed 17-Oct-12 21:20:30

What is it with all the braces at the moment? Every other teenager seems to have them even when they seem to have perfectly acceptable teeth. In my day the only kid in the class with braces was the one with Bugs Bunny teeth sticking out at a 45 degree angle. Are we becoming overinfluenced by the American ideal of perfect gnashers?

Anyway DD's NHS dentist seems to think her teeth are perfectly fine. But I would bet my bottom dollar that if I took her private, the dentist would tell me that her top teeth stick out (couple of millimetres at the most) and would need fixing otherwise she'd be at a serious disadvantage her for the rest of her life and never get a decent job/bag her man and live happily ever after. DD has no desire to wear a brace; all her mates who have got one complain and it has put her off.

So, given that she is a sensible teenager capable of making considered decisions, should I:

a) investigate getting her a brace
b) not bother
c) let her decide after explaining the pros and cons (she'll probably decide no)

Over to MN.

mrsjay Thu 18-Apr-13 09:56:06

dd1 was great with her brace she did need 1 she had terrible over crowding she has teeth i am envy of

MrsMorton Thu 18-Apr-13 20:08:48

gordy veneers aren't the only option for fluorosis. Have you tried micro abrasion and bleaching? I hope your dentst doesn't go straight to veneers, every year you can delay them is a real bonus..!

stephrick Thu 18-Apr-13 20:52:41

DS just had braces fitted, no problem, he had a underbite, and a little overcrowding, as most his friends had them he was quite happy to get them done. he will be 17 when they come off. At the moment they are free, the orthodontist said that the criteria is changing so if we had waited he might not of had them. I worked for an orthodontist in Australia 23 years ago and they charged 2300 aussie dollars.

MissBetseyTrotwood Thu 18-Apr-13 20:58:47

Mine were only slightly out of line when I was a teen. They've become more prominent as I've got older though, and I have to be really careful to keep them scaled and polished or they look awful. They're really prominent in my face and when I see photos of myself they're the first thing I notice iykwim.

whois Thu 18-Apr-13 21:37:54

If it is marginal and the DC don't want to do it then I say wait. You can get teeth sorted as an adult, and when you're paying for it yourself you rent to be more compliant with the treatment!

My dad and a close friend have had theirs done as adults. Dads teeth were a right mess and now perfect, my friend tbh you could hardly see anything wrong but they bothered her.

realtalk Thu 18-Apr-13 22:07:29

3+ years of braces and jaw surgery.

Best thing I ever did in my life.

realtalk Thu 18-Apr-13 22:13:26

Why would you want to wait until you're potentially at work and busy and paying for it...

LynetteScavo Thu 18-Apr-13 22:18:27

DS has been told he qualifies for a brace on the NHS for his considerable under-bite (strong jaw). We are waiting for all his baby teeth to fall out, though. The orthodontist explained DS may also require jaw surgery when he is 18. We are told he may have pain because of the under-bite, but atm has none at all.

The thing is, DS is very sensory sensitive....his teeth are perfectly straight, and his strong jaw isn't un-attractive. (If you think buzz-lightyear is good looking). If he were a girl who wanted facial perfection,and was in pain, we may feel differently about the situation.

I would encourage a DC to get a brace for crooked teeth if I thought they could cope with the whole thing, but obviously you can't force them.

imour Fri 19-Apr-13 07:50:57

lynettescavo sounds like my daughters case but it was her lower jaw that went too far back , i thought she would just have a brace on top teeth to pull them back but that would of made her face flat apparently ,it only took 10 months of block treatment to pull bottom jaw forward then 5 months fixed brace ,no jaw surgery needed now , her face looks so different and teeth are great , she said it was so worth it looking back now .

SamuelWestsMistress Fri 19-Apr-13 08:21:40

Teeth move throughout life! It's the aftercare that is just as important. I had my teeth done as a teen and then I had to have them done again a few years ago! Luckily now I've been given the correct aftercare including a permanent retainer behind my 4top front teeth and top and bottom p,attic night time retainers.

bruffin Fri 19-Apr-13 08:46:00

I spent 2 years going up to a london dental hospital for a brace and dont regret it at all. I had dracula teeth. I still have the impressions and the difference is amazing.

My dd is currently going through it now, very similar problems but both top and bottom. She has even more problems as she has an impacted bottom tooth that hasnt come through and we are waiting for an operation to have it removed. She already had to have 3 teeth out last week, although they did try for 6 months to not go down the teeth removal path.

Gingerodgers Fri 19-Apr-13 09:04:19

I definately think adults with crooked teeth look rough..... You can get a brace at any age tho.

FryOneFatManic Fri 19-Apr-13 09:59:26

DD's braces were fitted yesterday and she's complaining about the aching (she says it hurts, but I'm not sure it's that bad as when she's distracted she seems fine). I've given her some pain relief, and reckon a couple of days and she won't notice them any more.

ivanapoo Fri 19-Apr-13 10:38:30

There's a huge difference IMO between slightly wonky or uneven teeth and really awful gappy crumbling tombstones meets bugs bunny type teeth (which I had). If your DD has the first type and it sounds like she does I would leave well alone. Braces don't always work and your daughter can always have Invisalign as an adult.

After four sets of NHS braces over 5 years, a lot of private cosmetic work and a permanent bridge (which lasted all of 6 weeks later) the gaps are gone but I still have a major overbite and basically cannot use half of my teeth at all as a result. My teeth basically moved back in my twenties. They look a lot better than they would have though. I just hope DS inherits good teeth

My bottom teeth were untouched and are quite wonky. My dentist said he thought they added character.

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