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Where is the best place to buy a really nice leather photo album?

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squoosh Wed 17-Oct-12 15:52:41

Presuming people still use them that is.

I'm firing through my Christmas shopping list quicker than a dose of salts. Next on my list is leather photo album.

Any ideas?

squoosh Wed 17-Oct-12 15:54:07

Ooops wrong forum!

Never mind if you type your reply in caps and pop some sweariness in too and it will seem more AIBUish.

spicandspan Wed 17-Oct-12 15:58:55

YABU to make a poor cow die for the luxury of putting your pics in a leather album. How dare you.
Have you tried whsmiths?

Nivet Wed 17-Oct-12 16:03:23

I have brought from Kiki James a couple of times, a wedding album for my sister and a personalised brag book for the MIL.

I found them to be good quality, speedy service, nice packaging etc.

MusieB Wed 17-Oct-12 18:11:40

Gorgeous ones at Aspinal and Locketts of Hungerford

Pinotgrigioplease Fri 19-Oct-12 13:59:03

Try Under Cover

quoteunquote Fri 19-Oct-12 14:09:22

mycatlikestwiglets Fri 19-Oct-12 14:21:41

I was going to say Kiki James but Nivet beat me to it smile

They are actually made by the same people as Aspinal, but are a bit cheaper for some reason. I discovered this when I had a problem with personalisation on one I ordered from Aspinal and phoned up, only to be put through to Kiki James' customer service line. It had me very confused.

I've now bought about 6 different albums from Kiki James - some for me, some as presents - and find them lovely quality. I usually get the Bloomsbury ones.

squoosh Fri 19-Oct-12 14:43:43

Thanks so much. These suggestions are exactly what I'm looking for! And ooooooh, you can get them engraved.

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