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Probable Bronchitis 3yo - WIBU to wait till GP opens or do I A&E?

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xkcdfangirl Wed 17-Oct-12 05:11:10

3yo breathing squelchily and has been awake coughing much of the night - but breathing easier and sleeping a little now since coughing up some clear yellow liquid out of his lungs. Pretty sure it's bronchitis and he needs some antibiotics. Given that he is at last asleep my instinct is telling me to let him sleep and get an urgent appt at the GP when they open at 8:30 but am I being unreasonable - should I wake him and bundle him into the car to be seen more quickly at A&E?

thetrackisback Wed 17-Oct-12 05:20:19

Let him sleep and be as close to him as possible.if his breathing changes where he can't breath take him to hospital but if he s sleeping leave him to sleep. It's cold he might not get seen straight away at a and e so better to ring the doctor. if you are worried ring NHS direct for advice. Hope he gets better soon.

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