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to wonder who your secret gay (or straight!) shag would be?

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Bogeyface Tue 16-Oct-12 20:22:49

So if you identify as straight, who would be your secret gay shag?

And vice versa if you identify as gay.

And if you are bi, have a fucking party grin

Mine is vaaaaaiiiiiiry predictable, I am 100% that someone in the first 3 replies will guess it!

ClippedPhoenix Tue 16-Oct-12 20:26:35

Well I'm a bit older and I'd shag (American) Ellen, I'd not want to shag a "girly girl" she'd have to be handsome looking if you know what I mean.

TiggerWearsATriteSmile Tue 16-Oct-12 20:27:53

Sofia Vergara.

IvorHughJackolantern Tue 16-Oct-12 20:28:35

Dawn French.

I don't want to shag her, I simply want to bury my face in her boobs and go 'Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' whilst waggling my head from side to side.

I know this makes me a horrible sexist pig, and I'll can live with that. But it doesn't stop me wanting to do it.

topknob Tue 16-Oct-12 20:29:32

Christina Aguliera ;)

Bogeyface Tue 16-Oct-12 20:29:39

I take it back, no one mentioned my secret girly shag!

ClippedPhoenix Tue 16-Oct-12 20:29:58

Oh no, they'd have to be practically boobless for me to want to shag a girl. I'm the one with the boobs grin

TomsBentPinky Tue 16-Oct-12 20:29:58

lol @ have a fucking party.

I want Zooey Deschenal (sp?)

and Scarlette Johansen

voldemortspinkteddy Tue 16-Oct-12 20:30:00

Natalie Portman blush

HongKongPhooy Tue 16-Oct-12 20:30:20

[ Pam Grier]]

TomsBentPinky Tue 16-Oct-12 20:30:22

and Natalie Portman, that Natalie Rap grin

Bogeyface Tue 16-Oct-12 20:30:24

Sofia Vergara scares me! She would be far too bossy in bed for my liking I think!

HongKongPhooy Tue 16-Oct-12 20:30:56


Pam Grier

IvorHughJackolantern Tue 16-Oct-12 20:31:55

<sidles up to ClippedPhoenix>


ClippedPhoenix Tue 16-Oct-12 20:32:03

Germain Greer grin

TheMightyMojoceratops Tue 16-Oct-12 20:32:42

I'm guessing Bogeyface's is Sue Perkins...

Bogeyface Tue 16-Oct-12 20:33:39

I am slightly blush to say mine now!

But Sue Perkins was my secret gay shag even before I knew she was gay (I was the last one to know about george michael too, my gaydar is really off!), but then I love funny and intelligent people and all my straight fantasy shags are men that most people would say "WHAT?!" but I love them.

Does beg the question why on earth I married a man who makes Homer Simpson seem like the last in big thinkers hmm

Bogeyface Tue 16-Oct-12 20:34:02

Hee hee! Bingo X post Mojo

MrsHelsBels74 Tue 16-Oct-12 20:34:15

Jessica Taylor or Rachel Griffiths.

ClippedPhoenix Tue 16-Oct-12 20:34:19

You'd be very welcome Ivor as long as you had tiny pert ones grin

Bogeyface Tue 16-Oct-12 20:34:35

Clipped really? You got a granny complex?! grin

TheMightyMojoceratops Tue 16-Oct-12 20:34:59


wonderstuff Tue 16-Oct-12 20:35:05

Victoria Coren - I love her. Probably wouldn't actually want something sexual, but I want her to be my best ever friend. Also love Sue Perkins she is fabulous. I would shag Kiera Knightly - she'd be way out of my league though..

IvorHughJackolantern Tue 16-Oct-12 20:35:38

Um, not so much - but when I lay down I can pretty much tuck them into my armpits so we could pretend they're not really there? <attractive>

IfHappyLittleBlueBirdsFly Tue 16-Oct-12 20:36:04

Depending on my mood, either Angelina Jolie or Sharon Stone

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