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To not put the heating on at night?

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Sparklesandglitter Tue 16-Oct-12 10:37:04

Our bedroom is getting down to 14/15 degrees at night.8 week old DD wears a vest, pj's and a 2.5tog duvet. The room starts around 17/18 degrees and she only wakes up twice for her feeds. Is this too cold? I don't want to put the heating on all night because of cost, because her bed is next to a radiator (no other option), because then the room will be way too hot and she is a warm baby generally and because its only October its going to get a lot cooler! Is this ok or should I be adding blankets?thanks!

EmmelineGoulden Tue 16-Oct-12 10:58:35

YANBU. 17/18 celsius is a fine temperature for a baby's room. With a 2.5 tog duvet, it may even be on the warm side. Don't worry, your baby will let you know when she gets too cold long before it is in any way harmful for her. Overheating is a much more common danger in modern life.

When she starts to take longer to settle try adding more layers.

LindyHemming Tue 16-Oct-12 10:59:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SavoyCabbage Tue 16-Oct-12 10:59:49

It's 11 degrees in our house when we get up. We don't have the heating on in the night. Obviouslygrin

Sparklesandglitter Tue 16-Oct-12 11:06:51

Emmeline- it's not that warm when it's the early hours of the morning it's down to 14/15. That's why I don't know about putting extra blankets on as its too warm for it at the start of the start of the night!

Sidge Tue 16-Oct-12 11:08:12

Babies aren't supposed to have duvets are they? Even though 2.5 tog is minimal.

I would use cellular cotton blankets and add more as it gets colder. I wouldn't put the heating on. Better to be too cool than too hot for a baby especially.

Sparklesandglitter Tue 16-Oct-12 11:09:45

Is too cold dangerous like too hot is? And she will let me know if she is cold wont she?she is in warmer pj's now as her tummy felt a bit cool in the babygrows. Should I change to a long sleeved vest?its just its not cold when she goes to bed as I put the radiator on for her bath and to warm the room then turn off at bedtime

Sparklesandglitter Tue 16-Oct-12 11:10:36

Whoops meant grobag not duvet!

EmmelineGoulden Tue 16-Oct-12 11:21:31

If she's too cold she will wake up crying or take a lot longer to settle. She will let you know. grin

If she's sleeping fine then don't change it.

The real dangers for her with being too cold are hypothermia and frostbite. it will have to be a lot colder to be close to that.

Ithinkitsjustme Tue 16-Oct-12 11:24:40

I'd use a couple of blankets and maybe add one when I went to bed myself. I wouldn't have the heating on all night (although I did use a small oil filed radiator in my DD's bedroom when she was very young and wouldn't keep any blankets on and the temperatures dropped to freezing). She will wake up if she's cold.

HappyTurquoise Tue 16-Oct-12 11:45:00

In Germany they don't heat bedrooms at all. Babies sleep in grobags.

lalabaloo Tue 16-Oct-12 11:45:36

It sounds fine smile if she has cold hands that is normal for babies, DS always has cold hands in the morning but a nice toasty tummy. My midwife told me its tummy/back of neck temperature that matters

Sparklesandglitter Tue 16-Oct-12 11:49:35

I make sure her pj's have inbuilt scratch mitts to help keep her hands warm!lol

hiddenhome Tue 16-Oct-12 11:59:44

Buy her a real fleece to sleep on. Ikea sell them for about £25. We had ours on them from birth and it helped them sleep and kept them nice and warm, but not overheated.

lalabaloo Wed 17-Oct-12 21:13:26

Hehe well that works too, after a few weeks Ds worked out how to get his fingers out of them!

dikkertjedap Wed 17-Oct-12 21:18:10

Seems very cold to me for such a young child. If they really undercool they will become lethargic and not necessarily wake you up.

I would take her temperature a few times during the night so you have an idea if she is okay or not. If her temperature is in the normal range you know that what you are doing is okay.

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