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To feel nauseated by the comments on this Facebook group's post?

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SoftKittyWarmKitty Mon 15-Oct-12 17:43:16

Just browsing my timeline and saw one of my FB friends has 'liked' a group called 'Securing an immediate retrial for Ched Evans'. For those who don't know, he's the footballer who was convicted of raping a young woman in a hotel room. The post my FB friend liked was informing this group of woman-hating knuckleheads that Evans has had an appeal date set.

Not quite believing that any sane person, let alone a whole group of them, would support and protest for a convicted rapist to have a retrial, I clicked onto the comments underneath. I wish I hadn't. Dozens of men and women commenting along the lines of there's been an injustice, he shouldn't have been convicted and she (meaning the victim) will get what's coming to her, calling the victim allsorts of names, calling her a money-grabbing * etc. Any comments stating that Evans is a rapist and deserves to be in prison have been deleted - one disappeared after I refreshed the page and I know others have been deleted as some other comments referred to them in a derogatory manner and celebrated their deletion. The amount of victim blaming on there was unbelievable.

I know uneducated, misogynistic twats are alive and well in our society but I find it so hard to comprehend how people can glorify a convicted rapist and vilify his victim. Many of the posters were women ffs angry. I feel sick, literally sick to my stomach. Am I being unreasonable? (PS I know I'm not).

OnlyWantsOne Mon 15-Oct-12 17:45:44


That's what it comes down to I believe

financialwizard Mon 15-Oct-12 17:46:52

Utter madness.

I often ponder what the world is coming to.

SoftKittyWarmKitty Mon 15-Oct-12 17:53:44

I find it hard to comprehend how 'celebrity' makes the general population blind to the obvious. We only have to look at the Savile revelations. I despair, I really do.

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