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to thank mumsnet for

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MrsKeithRichards Mon 15-Oct-12 13:17:47

Giving me a push to put my books on display. I've not got lots, they aren't particularly worthy and have spent the past 7 years in random places.

Today I cleared the top of the unit in my lounge, got all my books together and arranged them beautifully.

What has mumsnet inspired you to do recently?

littlemissangrypants Mon 15-Oct-12 13:44:28

Mumsnet has made me go to the doctor to be signed off from work as it was making me ill. All my friends told me i needed help but it took someone from the outside to help me see it more clearly. With a bit of help I'm feeling much better and more me. I seriously owe mumsnetters a lot as even my doctor told me I was close to having a nervous breakdown

flyoverthegoldenhill Mon 15-Oct-12 15:26:55

making me laugh - when some things were difficult !

SoleSource Mon 15-Oct-12 16:03:45

Educating me about life. Making me laugh. Learning of politics, news that I may have missed and readibg different.opnions. Just a bunch of clever,witty STRONG people.

I too bought a bookcase last week.

So many things smile

cheekypickle Mon 15-Oct-12 16:05:05

All the great advice, even when I know I'm being unreasonable, illogical !

HoratiaWinwood Mon 15-Oct-12 16:13:29

Watch my episode of Downton while I was in bed at death's door feeling a bit peaky, instead of waiting for DH to be free to watch it with me.

Whut? I'm new (ish).

MrsBucketxx Mon 15-Oct-12 16:15:59

sort through old jeans and ditch old styles ines that dont fit and to buy new ones, no more frumpy bootcut for me.

EarnestDullard Mon 15-Oct-12 16:19:53

MN has recently helped me through a rough patch breastfeeding 12 day old DD2. I was close to giving up, and it's still not perfect, but it's better and I feel much more positive about persevering.

StaceeJaxx Mon 15-Oct-12 16:21:24

Getting the ball rolling to get my DD1 assessed for a statement.

cocolepew Mon 15-Oct-12 16:23:42

Some clever people told me that the ridiculously large and never ending scab on DDs knee was probably impetigo. I was very impressed and 10 days of anti biotics have cleared it up at last.

McHappyPants2012 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:28:47

For advice I have had, the laughs and the education

FatherHankTree Mon 15-Oct-12 16:48:59

It's not that recent, but Mumsnet has helped me stop being a doormat. I used to be pathetically grateful if someone wanted to be my friend and got walked over.

Now I don't give a shit about saying 'no', if the request's unreasonable.

PumpkInDublic Mon 15-Oct-12 17:02:47

Giving me so much more faith in the world as a whole, between Woolly hugs, people saying they would drive someone they never knew to the hospital in the dead of night and just the general understanding and supportive natures on here make me love this nest of vipers.

Limelight Mon 15-Oct-12 17:18:36

Oooh all sorts of things: baby led weaning; wooden sash windows; ankle boots; lidl nappies; Downton abbey; pombears; keeping an eye out for stray shopping lists; listening to my instincts; a very nice stay at a b&b in Chester; knowing that when it comes to parenting there isn't a right answer.

Mostly though, Mumsnet is another friend. A reasoned and calm voice when I'm not being reasonable or calm. A kind word when I'm being tough on myself. Sometimes, it's a wake up call.

And most importantly, the witty, dry, and relentlessly funny population of Mumsnetland have the shared knack of making me snort wine through my nose. blush

MrsKeithRichards Mon 15-Oct-12 17:23:27


No. It's a complete sentence. That's another important mumsnet lesson!

maddening Mon 15-Oct-12 17:25:24

Helped me get engaged when I popped the question on Feb 29th :-) and they found my wedding dress.

IvorHughJackolantern Mon 15-Oct-12 17:25:30

Not MN in particular but a couple of posters, they inspired me to seek some professional help with a problem I had that I just couldn't face up to. It's made a world of difference to me. I then namechanged to avoid being associated with those problems so they have no clue who I am but I am slavishly devoted to them anyway!

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