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To respond th this?

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york33 Mon 15-Oct-12 02:55:00

I have a fb friend who was once a really good friend in rl before moving away.
In recent times I have felt that her fb prescence is all about her. She very rarely replies to my posts and when she does it seems to come out quite negative.
eg I was moaning about someone being inconsiderate and her response was
"much better to tackle face to face than moan on here"
Latest was a dig about me eating meat. Ok I know she is vegatarian but I still think it was an unnecessary dig.
We have also both lost loved ones recently. I sent a message of condolence yet in the case of my dad she didn't respond at all. I would say she could have missed it but I did also email her and she didn't reply to this.
After writing this down I have removed her post and will defriend her but WIBU to tell her how hurt I am.

ripsishere Mon 15-Oct-12 03:48:04

You wouldn't BU, but what would it achieve if she is as self absorbed as she sounds?

neighbourhoodwitch Mon 15-Oct-12 06:58:34

Hmmm... try and ignore, she sounds rude, negative and draining. Really sad about your dad and grossly insensitive of her not to say anything to you following your email.

I think yes, defriend (give it a week first?) but do not get into anything re your hurt (unless you think it would help you to do so?)...but sadly it does not sound worth it.

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