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to think there WILL be a referendum on Europe before the next general election

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Orwellian Sun 14-Oct-12 11:31:03

The Tories want to be re-elected and UKIP are taking away a lot of their votes (enough to form an outright majority) mostly on the issue of Europe.

With all the horror stories coming out of Europe and the failure of the Euro, it seems to be a no brainer that the only way the Tories can guarantee being re-elected is to have a referendum before the next election, else it be seen as simply a "pledge" with no likelihood of ever taking place.

What do others think? Do you think there will be a referendum at all and if so, before or after the next election? Would you like the UK to be out of Europe. Do you think it could it function well, like Norway or Switzerland without having to be a part of the European Union?

boaty Sun 14-Oct-12 11:44:44

Ahh, nope, don't think it will happen. Too many have vested interests in staying on the bandwagon.
Although it is about time the question was asked. The powers that be would keep having referendums until the right answer is produced remembering the fiasco over euro referendums though

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