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AIBU to be hiding loads of freds?

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threesocksmorgan Sat 13-Oct-12 23:50:04

or are we all doing it?
I only normally hide ones that have titles that get to me.
but there seem to be so many on the same topics, that I am hiding so many at the moment .
am I the only one?

SoleSource Sat 13-Oct-12 23:57:42

Which tbteads have hidden exactly? Fess up!

AgentZigzag Sat 13-Oct-12 23:58:48

I hide loads, it's so ingrained in me that I often hide threads I'm interested in then wonder WTF they've gone grin

ThatVikRinA22 Sat 13-Oct-12 23:59:38

i find it less stressful to hide threads.

i do it frequently.

threesocksmorgan Sun 14-Oct-12 00:03:00

I am just hiding the repeats.
you know what I mean.
I get bored by opening a thread and finding it is yet another one about the same subject, so I hide all but the one that is least shitty

EmBOOsa Sun 14-Oct-12 00:11:08

I do it as well, usually if it is one thread on a subject I can ignore it, but when there are (seemingly) hundreds on the same subject I spend a lot of time hitting hide. The olympics/royal wedding almost wore the hide button out for me.

WorraLiberty Sun 14-Oct-12 00:13:28

I have never actually hidden a thread

Does that make me weird? shock

Ok no need to answer that really grin

YouMayLogOut Sun 14-Oct-12 00:13:28

I hide a few AIBUs when they're getting too hurtful or argumentative in a personal way. Also if someone's having a go if they've misunderstood something or get on their high horse. Life's too short grin

AgentZigzag Sun 14-Oct-12 00:18:28

Isn't it a bit cluttered worra?

I can't stand reading the titles of the one's I'm not interested in again and again, it does my nut in.

Startailoforangeandgold Sun 14-Oct-12 00:19:16

Why? Who are all these Freds and why do to want to hide them. Are the police after them?

Have they been fredatening people at gun point?

lovebunny Sun 14-Oct-12 02:10:53

i have never hidden a thread and wouldn't know how to. i don't know how to name-change, either. but maybe one day i'll find out.

Startailoforangeandgold Sun 14-Oct-12 02:45:00

You can't hide threads on the Ap it's very, very annoying.

And very naughty of a dyslexic to make Fred jokes. It's just I always type fing for thing and feel a twit.

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 14-Oct-12 02:47:31

This might be me being Fick, but I thought you could only hide them from active convos and your own lists...not actually from AIBU itself, or whatever...

MercuryRising Sun 14-Oct-12 03:05:21

Ooo can somebody please tell me how to unhide a thread? Ive accidently hidden one and want it backblush

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 14-Oct-12 03:07:53

Assuming you know which board it was on, say AIBU, go back on main AIBU list, find it then click watch. If you can't find it that way, use the Advanced Search option top right of screen.

BabylonPI Sun 14-Oct-12 03:08:20

I was just going to ask how to donut but pp has said you can't do it in app?

I only ever access MN through iPhone so I guess that's me seeing every Fred possible for the foreseeable!!!

BabylonPI Sun 14-Oct-12 03:09:07

How to donut??? WTAF confused

How to do it obviously hmm

Bloody fat fingers strike again blush

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 14-Oct-12 03:09:12

I only use laptop, my housebrick sized mobile doesn't do it..

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 14-Oct-12 03:09:48

I thought Homer has developed a psedonym....

Boomerwang Sun 14-Oct-12 03:23:19

I used to hide threads, but you'd have to actually open the thread, click on 'hide' and then wait for the reload before then navigating back to the main title list... and that's too much work.

I wish you could select threads to hide on the title list.

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 14-Oct-12 03:25:40

Me too Boom sometimes I trawl AIBU, and click on one with an ambiguous title and am ENRAGED when its a dull one I have seen before!

AgentZigzag Sun 14-Oct-12 03:29:40

grin at doughnutting on a thread.

Mercury - Under 'Mumsnet Talk' banner click on 'customise', under 'Ignore topics in Active Conversations' at nearly the bottom of the page click the 'here' link in the sentence and scroll down to the one you want to 'show'.

MercuryRising Sun 14-Oct-12 12:03:57

Thank you agent I have found it now grin

MadBusLadyHauntsTheMetro Sun 14-Oct-12 12:14:24

I only ever hide them out of sheer boredom. I nearly got pushed over the edge with the bloody endless "would you give seat to a child on a train" one most recently, but it finally tailed off, thank christ, after absolutely everybody in the world including me had set out their precise parameters and insisted that they were the only ones that would pertain in any decent society.

LolaDontCryOverSpiltBleach Sun 14-Oct-12 12:20:29

I thought this was going to be about The little chocolate bars and how OP was hiding them from her children.



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