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AIBU to be angry that I now have to find a new GP practice.

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TheSparkling Sat 13-Oct-12 18:02:19

I moved house, one measly mile further away from where we were. Last week I registered our new address at the GP practice we are with. Two days later I receive a letter saying that I am being put off their list and need to register with someone closer to where we live.

IMO this is ridiculous. I could understand it if they had too many people on their lists but they don't. They are still registering people in their practice boundary so why can't we stay with them?

It just annoys me. I don't want to register with the only practice near us as they have a piss poor reputation.

So annoying. < stamps feet >

trumpetsandkettledrums Sat 13-Oct-12 18:45:37

This happened to us as well, we really liked everyone at the practice & it wouldn't matter who you saw they were all lovely.

Yet to be convinced of new practice- we were given ridiculous advice when on our first visit when ds was sick(although admittedly yes he did get better by himself after a few days!)

trumpetsandkettledrums Sat 13-Oct-12 18:47:50

Too many whens in that post. I even previewed it!

AThingInYourLife Sat 13-Oct-12 18:58:15

"If GPs kept on people outside their boundaries it would be chaotic,"

No, it really wouldn't.

There are places in the world, in fact in the UK, where GPs don't have catchment areas, and there is not chaos.

I find the idea of having no choice to change surgeries if I didn't rate the one I was with quite frightening.

Some doctors are shit.

I value continuity of care and still attend a GP's surgery where I used to live. I really rare the senior partner as a diagnostician and the practice specialises in children's health.

I would be furious to have to change my family's doctor because we moved house.

LineRunner Sat 13-Oct-12 19:05:29

I am very pleased (and grateful) that home visits are being provided to the patients who really need them.

I seriously can hardly ever get through to my GP's surgery on the phone during the day. For that reason I am thinking of changing, but I am very wary of doing so in case I end up with something worse.

It's not really 'choice', more desperation.

TheSparkling Sat 13-Oct-12 19:14:58

I can't see how it would cause chaos. Surely there should be some element of patient choice here and continuity of care.

I am frightened of the 'choice' I am now faced with.

FlibbertyGibbets Sat 13-Oct-12 19:15:55

This happened to me whilst I was pregnant. I made an appointment to see the GP & then brought it up with them. They are the employers so they were able to sort it out for me straight away. Turns out I was but feet away from the boundary line.

I would hasten to add I would not have been so sneaky if the Practice Manager hadn't told me off for moving whilst I was giving her the new address. She also told me she'd see what she could do, before deregistering me anyway. (not still bitter, honest!)

LunaticFringe Sat 13-Oct-12 19:20:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thebitchdoctor Sat 13-Oct-12 20:39:09

Ghostship it is bullshit making sweeping generalisations about GPs. We're not all shit and we dont all refuse to do home visits. I'm sorry your GP doesn't do them,although how do you know for sure they don't do them to their housebound or palliative patients who make up the majority of our home visits?

rogersmellyonthetelly Sat 13-Oct-12 20:45:36

My practice have let me stay on temporarily as I'm pregnant and don't want to change midwives, and also have a history of pnd afterwards so I will want to see my usual doctor. Dh and kids have changed surgery though to one closer to home. It's annoying but in the end will mean better service for everyone so that's fine for me. I'll be moving surgery when baby is about 6mo and the worst is over

thebitchdoctor Sat 13-Oct-12 20:47:12

Thesparkling, it would cause chaos because if people chose to stay with a certain GP even though they don't live in the boundary of the practice because it would mean there is no limit to the amount of patients one practice can have and if the practice is a popular one it would be oversubscribed and not enough Doctors/Nurses to meet patient demand. This would be VERY unsafe for patients.

Also I don't think it is unreasonable to have boundaries for home visits. If someone lives too far from the surgery it would take too long for the Doctor to get there if it was an emergency visit and also we do home visits between surgeries, if we had to travel long distances to multiple visits a day then we would be late for afternoon/evening surgeries and that wouldn't be good for patients either.

GhostShip Sat 13-Oct-12 20:51:47

Ghostship it is bullshit making sweeping generalisations about GPs. We're not all shit and we dont all refuse to do home visits. I'm sorry your GP doesn't do them,although how do you know for sure they don't do them to their housebound or palliative patients who make up the majority of our home visits?
The only person to make a sweeping generalisation was Ghostofmama and that was it confused I've not read anyone saying that youre shit. I love my doctor! He certainly isn't shit, his practice just doesn't offer home vists. And yes I do know for sure because my grandad was on his deathbed and the doctor wasn't allowed to come out, and my mum had to change doctors when her depression was that severe she couldnt go out of the house.

I do agree with your second post, people should have to change doctors if they move out of the boundaries.

ToothbrushThief Sat 13-Oct-12 20:55:37

It's completely reasonable to set a boundary outside of which you will not get a home visit. It's probably harder for the GP to enforce at the point that a patient (who previously never needed one...) needs one. So I can appreciate their reluctance

They are massively time consuming. Think how many patients could be seen at surgery in the time that it takes GP to pack bag, gather notes and check recent and past history*, walk to car, drive to home, find a parking space, walk to home, get let in, make small talk, wash hands and see patient (*without access to previous notes).

I have been given home visits - the hospital organised them when I was very sick. My main memory was that was too sick to clean the house and it was a tip and I was unkempt and sweaty and I was hugely ashamed of the state of things grin

I think people assume they choose the GP - GPs strike patients off nowadays for all sorts of reasons

Bunbaker Sat 13-Oct-12 20:58:34

"OP I know it's a total pain in the arse but if you are outside the practice boundary then you have to move so YABU, sorry."

We took that into consideration when we last moved house. DD had a tracheostomy and all the doctors at the surgery were familiar with DD's medical issues, so we made sure we moved to an area that was covered by the same practice.

hermioneweasley Sat 13-Oct-12 21:02:04

Home visits? No such thing where I am. You get yourself to the surgery or call an ambulance to take you to a&e!

cestlavielife Sat 13-Oct-12 21:11:47

There. Has been new legislation n boundaries.

Or search outer practice boundaries.

ImaginateMum Sat 13-Oct-12 21:11:50

bunbaker us too. Well, we have no major health issues but love our GPs and dentist so made sure we stayed in catchment.

Sidge Sat 13-Oct-12 21:25:03

GPs do do home visits - they are strictly rationed wink

Generally if you think your GP doesn't do them it's probably because you've never really needed one.

nannyl Sat 13-Oct-12 22:17:09

My GP gave me a home visit last year.

it was the offical Dr check of my bany after my planned home birth smile

QueenStromba Sat 13-Oct-12 23:21:23

It's terrible having to change practices when you have an ongoing health problem. We moved about six months ago but didn't inform our practice straight away because my DP was in the middle of a course of CBT and if we had told them we'd moved then he probably wouldn't have been able to finish it. On the day of our new patient appointment at our new practice I realised that my depression had come back with a vengeance and walked into my appointment in tears because I'd convinced myself that I was better and it was really hard to admit even to myself that I wasn't. The doctor I saw was lacking empathy to the point where I had to walk out because I was so upset. I spent the rest of the day crying because I really wanted to see the doctor at my old practice who had seen me through my last bout of depression. My DP had to ring the new practice the next day for me and ask for an appointment with their nicest doctor and then take time off work to come and actually sit in the room with me and the doctor because I was so anxious about it. Fortunately the doctor I saw is fantastic, she's one of those doctors who's always running late because she spends as much time with a patient as they need and tells you to come back in a month to check that the treatment is working.

nailak Sat 13-Oct-12 23:29:52

after my homebirth we were told to take baby to gp, no home visit here!

somedayma Sat 13-Oct-12 23:30:06


justmyview Sat 13-Oct-12 23:33:15

Although I appreciate it's difficult for you, I think it's reasonable that GP practices have to set a boundary somewhere, so for that reason I'd say YABU

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Sat 13-Oct-12 23:35:59

I can see why you're cross but i understand why they have the policy.

I thought home visits stopped years ago, do gps actually still do them?!

thebitchdoctor Sat 13-Oct-12 23:52:05

Yes HokeyCokey, GPs still do home visits but for many reasons they are restricted to people who genuinely can't get to the practice such as the housebound or the terminally ill.

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey Sun 14-Oct-12 00:14:04

I had no idea, i assumed such visits were done by nurses.

That being said i guess i am lucky that i have never needed to request one.

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