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Cumulative aibu

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PurplePidjin Fri 12-Oct-12 10:13:04

None of these things in themselves are a big enough deal for their own "Am I being Unreasonable To Be Fucked Off With/About..." so here's my list of little niggles for the week:

*It should not be up to the surveyor to inform me that I'll be getting a new gas meter, nor that it is to be moved, nor is it my fault that my boiler is several meters away from where he wants to put it - yes I know it's in a different place to some of my neighbours', but i did put it there.
*8am is not a good time for said surveyor to be peering in my front window
*8:30am is not a good time to knock on my door to tell me they've changed their minds, especially after the previous day's encounter
*Walking into my house without knocking or asking is rude, I don't care if the door is open to let the carpet fitters (working very noisily on the stairs, which are directly in front of the door so pretty obvious) get in and out, you wait on my doorstep until invited.
*Walking towards me to gain access is intimidating, you may find i then struggle to be amiable towards you (see above re: surprise information)
*Do not look surprised when the (slightly, smilingly, no swearing just firm) stroppy woman with the massive belly informs you that yes, she may well be in for the work to be done, she's on maternity leave. I am 33 weeks, it's pretty in-your-face at this point. That doesn't make it ok to rock up and drill holes in my walls with no notice. "Next week sometime, maybe" is not adequate notice.
*I want my house back in order - the (nice) carpet shop man ordered the wrong size lino so the job that should've been finished yesterday will now be finished next Wednesday. My kitchen appliances and nursery furniture are currently stacked in my living room (upstairs has beautiful soft fluffy carpets and smells of biscuits)
*3 minute infomercials about shampoo featuring mouth-breathing oxygen-thieving brainless "actresses" make me want to gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon
*My arm hurts where my whooping cough vaccine went yesterday
*My Crapberry doesn't recognise "should've" as a word and is therefore even less intelligent than the above-mentioned actress, hard as that is to process.

That's better, who else needs to vent?


Oh god pidj YANBU!


I am not happy only being able to hear out of 1 ear and would quite like this ear infection to do one in the not too distant future!

I do not like my mil making comments about the size/expense of my house, it's rented, it's expensive, we're slightly cramped but not squashed and if I wanted to live in a cheaper area I would but then she'd moan about that!

I would like dc3 to not decide having a lovely indoor rave at 2-3 am is not allowed as the only thing that makes me comfortable during said rave is a bath, and having spent 2-3 am in the bath for the past week I'm very much bored of it!

I would like it if just for once it could not rain during the school run, I am too fat for my waterproof coat, I am too hot for my normal coat and then too cold when I get wet. (I am also totally incapable of remembering an umbrella)

I think I should stop now!

WerewolvesDoTheFandango Fri 12-Oct-12 11:38:18

IABU but am 30 weeks pregnant and couldn't give a fuck!

* I have spent 6.5 hours in the diabetes clinic this week and apparently have used too many lancets and no they cannot get me anymore. It doesn't matter that the clinic forgot to show me how to use my blood sugar monitor as apparently it's common sense to know you reuse the needles 4 times!

* I need to eat a low GI diet and an appt has been made for me with a nutritionist in 3 weeks. At this rate I'll have had the baby before I know what's going on.

* According to a male "friend" I cannot moan about a crap nights sleep (on twitter, which he doesn't have to read) while my other friend is in labour. She has it worse and therefore I should shut up.

And Pidj YANBU to be angry but YABVU to have done the house thing at 33 weeks grin! Then again I put mine on the market this morning, why does it seem like a good idea to move/decorate/refurb when pregnant?

PurplePidjin Fri 12-Oct-12 11:39:24

Your MIL needs to put her money where her mouth is, and you need a giant waterproof poncho!

Yanbu either <appeases both with cake>

I will not wear a poncho! I'm only 25!! Lol I think iabu on that point!

PurplePidjin Fri 12-Oct-12 11:42:40

Actually, it's common practice to never reuse a needle outside your specific thing, that sounds like awful practice shock what if you got an infection because the needle was dirty? What about leaving sharps unprotected where children could access them?!

PurplePidjin Fri 12-Oct-12 11:44:11

I have a giant purple flowery shower proof Topshop one that gets used in emergencies! Otherwise, ditto - ponchos are vile.

ZombTEE Fri 12-Oct-12 11:49:49

I am diabetic and I have never heard of re-using lancets, just the opposite. What system are you using?

None of YABU, BTW.

I am NBU to be annoyed that I was rung on Wednesday by the estate agent to see when I would be in, which was yesterday afternoon and all day today, but please call back to give me a time for the electrician to come by and look at my electrical issue to have never been called back. I have no idea if he's coming.

I have decided I don't care and I'm going to go have a nap and if he wakes me he will feel my wrath. I have barely slept all week due to my stupid brain and fibromayalgia and I'm about to fall over.

WerewolvesDoTheFandango Fri 12-Oct-12 11:54:39

It's just the Contour testing kit TEE. Just little needlestick things, but my sister's a nurse and she said she would never have known that you would reuse them. They said "We'll let you off this time as you're new to this!" angry cheeky cows

YANBU TEE get yourself in the bloody bath and sod them. Lack of sleep makes the fibro pain so much worse too. <strokes head comfortingly>

WerewolvesDoTheFandango Fri 12-Oct-12 11:55:57

Oops Tee I read bath not wrath! Get in bed rather. Probably would've been a bit creepy if I was stroking your head while you were in the bath anyway

ZombTEE Fri 12-Oct-12 13:36:09


He woke me. He felt my wrath. To be fair, wasn't his fault the stupid agent never rang me.

My landlord was here too, which is weird because he lives in Hong Kong. I could tell he was dying to look around the house and I said he could but he refused. I even cleaned and everything. Ah, dishes in the sink. Whatever!

And I just noticed my leggings are inside out...

PurplePidjin Wed 17-Oct-12 07:50:54


Gas twats have commenced work. For some bizarre and inexplicable reason, they think that a 3" pipe across the front of my property is a beneficial addition hmm

I fucking hate confrontation, there are so many better ways, but there will be shouting. And phone calls to management companies. And feet firmly down. I put up with drilling in the walls all day Monday and yesterday with no notice, no 'by your leave", no courtesy and no respect. I'm not taking it.

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