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To think this is gross?

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flibbertigibbert Thu 11-Oct-12 18:50:21

There's a woman who works on my floor at work and on a number of occasions I've seen her coming out of the toilet without washing her hands. I should add that I'm not following her in and out of the toilets or anything but she'll come out of the cubicle whilst I'm washing my hands and walk straight out of the loos. Even worse IMO is that she has to go round other people's desks fixing phones and computers, so she's always touching other people's things.

AIBU to think this is really gross and want to give her a disapproving look whenever I see her?

scurryfunge Thu 11-Oct-12 18:53:21

This is why I use Antibacterial wipes at my desk- there are plenty of dirty gits at mt work place too.

Soditall Thu 11-Oct-12 19:47:09

I'd have to say somethinggrin I have done before.

phantomnamechanger Thu 11-Oct-12 19:50:29

I see it all the time, in public loos, in the supermarket even in the hospital.

some people are just grim!

PulledInTwo Thu 11-Oct-12 19:53:55

To be fair she could use antibacterial gel in the cubical. This is what I do as I find the sinks and especially the hand-dryers very grim in public loo's. I'm sure there a quite a few people that must think I'm a dirty fek!

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