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to be concerned at what happens when you flush the lavatory on a train

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GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 11-Oct-12 15:49:29

Where does it go?

They DON'T just flush raw sewage out a hole in the bottom of the train onto the tracks do they?

And if they DON'T why does it say 'don't flush when the train is in a station'. What would happen if you did?

Or is it like aeroplanes where they freeze the effluent into turd and piss ice cubes and then press the button and let them out into the ether where they vaporise (this may not be strictly true).

Does anyone know what happens to shit on trains?

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 11-Oct-12 15:51:32

I have never used the word lavatory in my life.

AgentZigzag Thu 11-Oct-12 15:51:58

It was a while ago, but my dad used to walk the train tracks checking for cracks, they knew to stand well back if a train was passing or they'd get covered in shit envy

BrigitBigKnickers Thu 11-Oct-12 15:53:17

That is exactly what they do.

DH said a large doo doo was staring at him from the tracks when he was waiting for a train the other day. Someone had obviously ignored the "do not flush when the train is at a station" sign. <eeewwwwww>

bestbefore Thu 11-Oct-12 15:53:19

I once saw (in a slightly drunken haze, admittedly) tomato plants growing on tracks at Tottenham Hale overland station ie outside. I asked the man there how come they were there and he strongly tomatoes...poo on train...poo goes out of train...seeds in poo cultivate...tomatoes grow....GROSS.

OneLittleToddlingTerror Thu 11-Oct-12 15:53:32

I heard it goes straight down too. I'm not sure whether the person was pulling my legs. I asked exactly because of the don't flush when train is in station advice!

ginmakesitallok Thu 11-Oct-12 15:54:01

I think it just goes on the tracks?? That's why you're not meant to use the loo when you are in a station?

MrsKeithRichards Thu 11-Oct-12 15:55:32


VinegarTits Thu 11-Oct-12 15:56:29

omg i didnt know they dump it striaght out, that is gross, i thought they had some sort of chemical tank under like those portaloos you get a festivals, and then a big truck comes and empties it every so often

im never going near a train track again!

HoobleDooble Thu 11-Oct-12 15:57:50 First attempt at posting a link on here, hope it works!

SkeletonButterfly Thu 11-Oct-12 15:58:06

Surely not?

That seems a bit medieval to me! grin

HoobleDooble Thu 11-Oct-12 15:58:29 that's a no then!

MissPerception Thu 11-Oct-12 15:58:45

Nooooo. That is so third world (sorry) and although that may be where we are heading it can not be

kdiddy Thu 11-Oct-12 15:59:10

Yeah think it's straight out. At least they have the illusion of civilisation with a flush here. Trains in India literally just have a hole. You can see the tracks going by underneath!

OryxCrake Thu 11-Oct-12 15:59:16

I was recently on a train and the guard requested over the tannoy that passengers refrain from flushing the loo while we went over a particular bridge as there were workers underneath it. Cue nervous sniggers all round and I bet I wasn't the only one who waited to get to my destination before going to the toilet. Never really thought about this before then. Yuck.

HoobleDooble Thu 11-Oct-12 15:59:24

Oooooooh it worked!

Trills Thu 11-Oct-12 16:00:15

I am with Vinny, I thought they were like a high tech portaloo

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 11-Oct-12 16:00:16


I also found out for the first time today that if your train is over an hour late you can get vouchers for the value for your ticket.

18 months of dozy late trains to London and I only found this out today.

URGH at shit on the tracks.

VinegarTits Thu 11-Oct-12 16:01:16

VinegarTits Thu 11-Oct-12 16:02:13

i think we are safe it this country

Trills is that you? <<eyes suspiciously>>

SHRIIIEEEKPoolingBearBlood Thu 11-Oct-12 16:03:34

Noooo surely noy

alarkaspree Thu 11-Oct-12 16:03:46

The train loos on the trains I go on got rid of the 'don't flush in a station' signs years ago. I think things have changed.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 11-Oct-12 16:06:06

UK trains don't flush onto the tracks anymore. It goes into a big tank and gets pumped out at the end of the journey.

I used to love holding the flush down and watching the track flying underneath.

JessePinkman Thu 11-Oct-12 16:09:17

A man at a timber yard told me not to use reclaimed sleepers in the garden if I wanted to sit on them.

JessePinkman Thu 11-Oct-12 16:09:34

What about planes?

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