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x2boys Thu 11-Oct-12 11:35:04

so i am a staff nurse who works for a large mental health trust currently my ward and another ward are being merged meaning to many staff so we were all asked to put down three choices were we would go which i duly did i have had several issues on my current ward so thought i change would be good for me four weeks after we were supposed to hear where we were going i got letter inviting me for a competative interview for the new ward [ that is being merged] the one i specifically do not want to go on. a fter many , many phonecalls i manage to get through to a senior manager who explains to me there are no other jobs in my area /town my trust is huge covers various towns so i now have to go for an interview for a job i dont want and probably wont get as the manager i spoke to is interviewing and knows i dont want to work on that ward and therte are to many staff nurses any way am i being unreasonable or is my place of work

givemeaclue Thu 11-Oct-12 12:21:01

Are you in a union

GoSakuramachi Thu 11-Oct-12 12:34:07

punctuation, paragraphs, and ---->employment section.

Journey Thu 11-Oct-12 14:31:12

If there are no other jobs then they are trying to find you suitable alternative employment. The fact you don't like the ward doesn't hold much weighting. If you preferences can't be filled then they're doing the next best thing. It's better than redundancy!

Merging a ward will change the dimensions of an old ward. Hopefully you will much prefer the new ward.

Alitoomanykids Thu 11-Oct-12 14:39:10

Its a tough situation but you at least know what the situation is and what your options are having now spoken to the manager. I used to be a recruiter. If someone sat in front of me looking for advice in a similar situation I would say:

If you are in a position where you need to keep working in this area and so need to go through this interview then honesty would be the best policy. Explain at the interview that although this was not one of your initial preferences, having spoken to the manager and now knowing what options are available, you are happy to progress with the interview and would like to be considered fairly for the position(s) available. Do not dwell on the previous problems with the existing ward, as no interviewer likes to hear someone grumbling about issues - it makes you look difficult to manage - focus on the positives and what experience you can bring to the role. Good luck.

x2boys Thu 11-Oct-12 16:01:56

yes am in unison paragraphs and puinctuation are not my strong point sorry. The point is there are too many staff nurses for the ward i dont like so i put three other viable choice which manageres have said were open to me now they are not of course i will take any job offered. I cant see them making me redundant as i have been there 16 years asnd according to trust policy its a month ,s pay for wevery year of employment so a considerable amount just feel like the managers have shit on us from a great height as they emphasises there were not enough jobs for new ward [ which i dont like ] and encouraged us to put othe rwards down now there are no jobs in my area so would have to move location some distance we are talking several miles .

x2boys Thu 11-Oct-12 16:07:13

Actually the person interviewing used to be my line manager so she knows me well and knows this is not my choice i know she is fair and has said there are vavancies within the trust but that could literally anywhere the trust covers a vast area.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Thu 11-Oct-12 16:24:55

So what has happened to the roles that were available to you but now aren't? Have others been allocated those posts?

I think if your choice is to be relocated a distance away or go for the new ward and try your best to get the job. At least if you are in a post you can take your time to look around for something else.

I feel for you, 2 wards in my hospital went through similar, it was shit and its a huge trust now here too so fears were people could be redeployed anywhere. Plus othernhospitals went through similar so the posts available innin-patient units were limited everywhere. The NHS is crap at the moment, our trust won't employ any more nurses but almost every week I work at least one shift with an agency nurse because we haven't got cover. Not all of it is sickness, there are just less nurses than roles to cover. Sme agency nurse are great, but some aren't!

It puts extra stress on myself and the other regular staff and puts patient safety in jeopardy IMO.

givemeaclue Thu 11-Oct-12 17:11:33

A month for every year is very generous, no wonder they are trying to find you something

x2boys Fri 12-Oct-12 07:27:32

well the jobs they said were available they did not specify how many exactly it was to be confirmed and they have taken on new staff nurses on short term contracts to fill those roles so i,m not sure exactly what is going on yes it is a generous redundancy package but then they dont seem m to make people redundant if i had been there six months i would have been gone like a shot!but they have been freezing posts and not employing staff nurses HCA,S for years somehow they seem to find enough money in the pot to keep taking on more and more managers though!

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