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To wonder: do you respond to posters, or posts?

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Hullygully Wed 10-Oct-12 15:57:10

Keep seeing stuff saying blah blah cliques talking to each other


blah blah don't notice names, respond to posts.

How is it for you?

mumsbum Wed 10-Oct-12 15:57:56

dont remember who posts what, tbh, a lot of the time I dont even look

Hullygully Wed 10-Oct-12 15:58:18

<considers responding to self and/or post>


Havent been here long enough to have a chat with a specific poster even if I recognise them.

UnChartered Wed 10-Oct-12 15:59:22

individual threads/posts

can't be fucked with trying to remember who's a cunt and who isn't

MikeLitorisBites Wed 10-Oct-12 16:00:34


I have no friends on here. Well none that seem to post much any more. But when I was part of a 'quiche' if any of them did start a thread I would quite often respond even if I normally wouldn't iyswim.

LolaDontCryOverSpiltBleach Wed 10-Oct-12 16:00:35

I respond to post's, but i think if i know a poster i get the tone of their post a bit more and that sometimes means i do or don't bother posting on their thread.

So errm, both.

How pointless am i ?

BearWithBearWith Wed 10-Oct-12 16:00:44

Posts. It's the topic that interests me. And then the people within that thread as a conversation ensues.

SkiLift Wed 10-Oct-12 16:01:19

posts, i never look at who is posting.

Everlong Wed 10-Oct-12 16:01:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Wed 10-Oct-12 16:02:40

Almost invariably posts. I rarely look at usernames.

Gets me into trouble sometimes smile

Hullygully Wed 10-Oct-12 16:03:40

Mainly posts so far then...

You REALLY don't notice names?

ExitPursuedByAaaaaarGhoul Wed 10-Oct-12 16:03:43

Posts usually, but then if I recognise the poster I may respond differently as I might know their history.

Chopstheduck Wed 10-Oct-12 16:03:51

I guess I maybe look at the name when I see an interesting post, but I've a memory like a goldfish so I don't really recognise many posters on here, despite having been using mn for over 7 years now. I read posts foremost.

Nancy66 Wed 10-Oct-12 16:04:38

posts. I only recognise a handful of user names.

redadmiralsinthegarden Wed 10-Oct-12 16:05:41

I respond to posts. however, I am starting to recognise certain posters, and so often i will make a point of reading their individual comments.

Absy Wed 10-Oct-12 16:07:49

Posts, unless I "notice" someone. E.g. after 3/4 months of getting riled up by exactly the same poster and reading their posts and going "ARGH that's the EXACT thing that twat the other day said. Oh wait, it might be the same person" I will notice the poster.

Or if they're particularly nice

Or if they're particularly funny

Or if I spent a whole day stalking them around the boards, watching them talk about the pope

Or if they notice me a lot and talk to me

LadyBeagleEyes Wed 10-Oct-12 16:08:25

Bit of both for me, I think.
Posts first though, if they interest me.
But I definitely respond to posters who I've got to know and chatted to before, especially if they make me laugh.

SoleSource Wed 10-Oct-12 16:08:35

I respond to posts. Except I do tecognise a fewnames inc. ypurs Hully.

I have one PM friend here.

UnChartered Wed 10-Oct-12 16:08:46

of course i remember names, but don't choose to respond on that basis alone

waltermittymissus Wed 10-Oct-12 16:08:51

Posts. I do recognise user names and with that the style of posts.

But I'm not here long or often enough to have built up any sort of friendship with anyone!

McHappyPants2012 Wed 10-Oct-12 16:09:06

The post, but there are a few names I like reading there post/ response

OhDeerHauntingFENTON Wed 10-Oct-12 16:09:23

Posts primarily I suppose, but I do remember names, I can't help it I haven't got a real shit / non-shit list though, just a good memory.

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Wed 10-Oct-12 16:10:00

Posts. I only look at a username if I'm responding to a particular post.

I do recognise a few oldies though, as I've been here a few years myself.

lisad123 Wed 10-Oct-12 16:11:02

Normally I respond to posts as I'm terrible with names.
There has been threads where I recognise a name from SN thread and might say something or give a wave to some I know. I don't tend to look at OP name as long as title and thread is interesting.

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