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to ask who has had botox or fillers or plastic surgery of some kind?

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wrinklesandproud Tue 09-Oct-12 19:55:08

(namechanged for this).

I can honestly say that having any of the above has never entered my mind. I'll be 40 next year. I have some wrinkles on my forehead, a neck that seems to be looking increasingly wobbly and wrinkly, and crinkles all round my eyes. But I just thought that was what happened as you got older. No-one I knew until very recently has ever had any 'work done'. Botox was something you read about in Grazia magazine.

But we've moved recently to a new area and (public) school and it seems that with the people where we live it is the norm to go for regular botox and/or fillers and/or other surgery from boob jobs to liposuction. This is discussed the same way buying a new dress would be chatted about over coffee. For the first time in my life I feel as though I am the odd woman out for just going au natural. I am starting to be swayed by their way of thinking, whereas previously I never could have imagined me having any of this stuff done.

So I'm just curious to know how many mumsnetters have either had any of these things done (if so what) and if not, would you consider it?

I sort of feel as though having stuff done is cheating, but if you're the only sucker not cheating, you end up as the loser.

chrome100 Thu 23-May-13 22:04:05

I'm 31 and have recently noticed definite furrows in my brow; no doubt a result of years of being a fecking grumpy person. I've been thinking about botox but always thought of it as one of those things people did in America/on TV and not in real life. I'm very surprised at how many people on here had it done.

How do you go about finding a "salon" (or whatever you call it) and how do you know if it's reputable?

Alicenotinwonderland Thu 23-May-13 22:05:21

I've had botox and I couldn't give a monkeys what anyone thinks, I look awake and refreshed..oh and never angry grin

chrome100 Thu 23-May-13 22:09:24

Plus all the websites say it only lasts a few months? I almost can't see the point if that's the case as I couldn't afford to go back twice a year forever more. I thought it would last a good decade before needing a top up

gettingeasiernow Thu 23-May-13 22:11:32

Botox between eyebrows to remove two parallel vertical frown lines which made me look very grumpy. Made a real difference to how people react to me at work. Started at 43 and have kept it up since. Once had filler in lip, looked awful like a duck the same evening but had settled down by the following morning and was pretty good, but haven't bothered to redo because of the initial shock which upset ds a bit. But only for an hour or two.

formicadinosaur Thu 23-May-13 22:25:28

Retin-A here too. Great for fine lines.

crazy8 Thu 23-May-13 22:30:28

Does anyone know if there is a treatment for jowls. Mine are just starting to droop a little. I'm 43.

Samu2 Thu 23-May-13 22:30:37

If I wasn't such a wimp with pain I would get myself some botox and some boobs.

crazy8 Thu 23-May-13 22:30:58

Where do you get Retin-A from?

WafflyVersatile Fri 24-May-13 00:38:19

I've had botox on my frown line a couple of times in the last 10 years. I've had and hated the frown line since I was a teen. I'm not bothered about my wrinkles yet but I feel that my frown line makes me look grumpy and unapproachable. After each treatment I met new boyfriends after looooooong periods of singledom, as in several years. I'm thinking of getting it again soon. It doesn't completely remove the line and they offered filler but I refused as I hadn't investigated it at all so wasn't going to agree with one minute's notice.

I can still frown with when under the influence.

DonDrapersAltrEgoBigglesDraper Fri 24-May-13 08:49:50

'mummy makeovers' (new boobs, tummy tuck and lipo)

Wow, I must actually be really vain, because I genuinely don't think I need all that.

I'm 39; 40 later this year.

I watch what I eat. As a result, I'm a size 10-12, which at 5'10" means I'm tall and slim and can wear most things. I'm a C-cup which I think is perfect for my proportions, since I think big (certainly, enhanced) breasts are somewhat, dare I say it, trashy. My breasts, in the right bra, seemingly defy gravity.

I have long legs and certainly in clothes, I look good. I don't believe I am deluded. By no means am I perfect - LOL at the suggestion - but not for one minute do I think I need to spend money correcting or improving myself. I wonder at people who do; especially people who have lipo, etc. Just eat less? The only people who see me naked are DH and the DC, and DH is more than happy.

So ... I don't think I need plastic surgery, Botox, fillers, et al. I'm guessing this makes me way more vain than all the people who do?!

You never hear about people being happy with their bodies, it's seemingly taboo.

eccentrica Fri 24-May-13 11:16:34

I'm 32. I am far from 'totally happy with my body' but neither would I ever consider having botox, fillers or any other form of cosmetic surgery.


1. It's a waste of money. (I don't spend money on haircuts, waxing etc. either, I spend the bare minimum on toiletries.)

2. Any unnecessary medical procedure is a bad idea as they can and quite frequently do have horrible consequences. (Like that footballer's wife who died after years of severe health problems caused by cosmetic surgery done wrong.) Seriously, why would you choose to have your nipples chopped off and sewn back on purely for vanity? Have some respect for your body.

3. This

I do however have a number of tattoos, which I've put lots of time and effort into designing. Unlike cosmetic surgery they are non-invasive and non-damaging to your body, and I think they actually add to people's beauty - I have several beautiful friends who are covered with tattoos and look absolutely stunning. Unlike having face-freeze wall filler injected into yourself, it shows creativity and there's something aesthetically beautiful to admire (obviously I'm not talking about a little 'ankle butterfly' or a 'Chinese letter' on your arm, but unique, original designs).

eccentrica Fri 24-May-13 11:19:36

Cabrinha I LOVE your post and wish more women could feel this way about themselves.

SixPackWellies Fri 24-May-13 11:27:05

Yes I would also like to know where you can get Retin-A.

Greythorne Fri 24-May-13 11:29:37

The most laughable thing on this thread is people putting forward the idea that surgery is similar to colouring one's hair or plucking one's eyebrows.

Branleuse Fri 24-May-13 11:31:38

i have botox every 6 to 9 months. Love it, subtle, but just makes me less harrowed and frowny looking. I had fillers once, but dont think it was really worth it, so havent had it again.
Had my boobs done a few years back too, after 3 babies had sucked the life out of them. My treat to myself. They look ace now.

I dont tell anyone in real life about it though. Very few people know, and noone has guessed that i didnt tell, not even my own family.

Branleuse Fri 24-May-13 11:32:39

Im quite aware of the fact that everyones got an opinion on whaat women should or shouldnt do with their own bodies though

eccentrica Fri 24-May-13 11:36:23

Branleuse for me it's less about what you should and shouldn't do with your own body and more about lining the pockets of those who are part of a huge industry designed to make women feel shit about the way they look naturally, so that you go and spend that money.

Branleuse Fri 24-May-13 11:37:18

ive never been that bothered about being natural though, and i think body modifications in general are great. I love being able to play around with appearances.

IneedAsockamnesty Fri 24-May-13 11:40:08

Breast surgery does not always involve having nipples repositioned or cut off.

And nice to hear that naturally large breasted women are trashy

Branleuse Fri 24-May-13 11:42:25

eccentrica, thats pretty much the whole of western society. I do understand your point though, but I still wanted to look my version of nice.

Everyone has their limits, and thats fine. I dont particularly think injections are a big deal. I dont see it as any different to tattoos or piercings.

Surgery is, but i had thought about it for many many years before getting it and was very careful about it

Branleuse Fri 24-May-13 11:43:09

If you met me, i dont think youd think I was trashy

eccentrica Fri 24-May-13 11:44:16

I don't think there's anything wrong with body modification per se - for me there's a difference between interesting body mods which are obviously modifications, and procedures which are designed to make you look like yourself but just less wrinkly, younger, bigger-titted etc.

It seems to me that the first type (tattoos etc.) are an embellishment, like jewellery or pretty clothes, they announce themselvesa as something extra to look at, while the second type are about (often quite dangerous and expensive) procedures to make you conform more closely to an ideal which you feel you don't match up to.

THe other big difference is that tattoos are permanent but most cosmetic surgery procedures have to be re-done over and over again, and they also have dangerous long term effects which haven't been properly studied - e.g. the recent scandal where the government (!) paid for thousands of women who'd had breast implants to have them removed as they turned out to be dodgy and even life-threatening.

Bumblebzz Fri 24-May-13 11:47:03

Totally agree with Cabrinha's post, what is wrong with looking your age?

To me, this doesn't preclude looking well.

I think it's easy to identify people's ages way before you get up close enough to see wrinkles, it's evident in the way we hold ourselves and move and walk and talk and the things we have to say and the lives we lead (I'm not out all night clubbing like I used to when I was 25, I'm not throwing myself off waves/mountainsides etc with the same fervour. I am not lean and toned and size 10 (12 though so not all bad!). I am in bed by 10pm. I am wiser and funnier and more emotionally mature. I have a mortgage which is probably responsible for more than a few wrinkles and greys.).

So if people are injecting and having surgery to look and feel better, good for them, but I wouldn't for a moment expect it will make you actually seem younger to other people. Or at least not by more than a year or two. And what is the benefit with being seen to be younger than you are?I don't get it.

AgathaF Fri 24-May-13 11:47:11

I've had tear trough fillers. Prior to them I looked older than I am and very tired. It was starting to affect my self-confidence in a big way. After the fillers I looked so much less tired, so I am pleased with them and would recommend them to anyone with obvious tear troughs.

I am a bit hmm to all the people on this thread saying that they 'always know' when someone has had botox or fillers. I'd bet a lot of money that you don't always know at all.

handcream Fri 24-May-13 11:48:52

Done well Botox is not visble. People assume you have been lucky and dont have many wrinkles. A light touch putting it in is essential to avoid the frozen look.

I have had all sorts of daft comments once I tell people I have had it done for the last 10 yrs

1. You dont need it You dont have many wrinkles (its because the Botox is doing its job you silly billy!)

2. I wouldnt do it (as in I dont need it) followed by 'where did you get it done - a 'friend' is interested!

3. Its dangerous. So is smoking and drinking. Driving a car gives you one of the biggest chances of injury

4. For some people having a tweak because perhaps they look like they are permamently frowning is surely not irresponsible? If it makes you feel better....

If you are near Windsor or London try Dr Mountford at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic. She is well know by MNetters. One of the best according to Tatler for Fillers and Botox. Lovely women and very down to earth.

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