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To think that academies should be forced to give priority to statemented children/ children in care

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ReallyTired Tue 09-Oct-12 11:35:23

The very over subscribed local catholic secondary school has recently become an academy and now gives priority to all catholic children. In the past children who were in care or had a statement naming the school were top of the admissions process. Now such children are below catholic children in priority. The school is also unusal in that it does not prioritise siblings.

They prioritise siblings of practicing catholic children who are in care first, then practicing catholic children, then children who have been baptised catholic, then children who attend catholic primary school and after that children who are in care. The reality is that the school is so over subcribed that children who are in care don't stand a chance.

I know a family with two foster children, neither of them catholic. The oldest child is already at the school and the foster parents want to send the youngest these as well. Both children have been to hell and back and need to have the security of being together. Their case is supported by social workers and medical professionals.

I feel its disgusting that a supposely "christian" school has an admissions policy that does not prioritise local authority care children. I feel that all state schools should have children who are in care at the top of their admissions list however they are funded.

Valdeeves Wed 10-Oct-12 11:38:54

And I mean the point is being missed by people in charge, sigh.

Devora Wed 10-Oct-12 22:53:23

Why would an atheist parent want to send their child to a Catholic school?

Well, I'm lucky enough to have my dc in an excellent community school, but yes I would want my child to attend a Catholic school if the alternative was a failing school plagued by bullying, or a community school three miles away, or a school lacking the pastoral ethos that my traumatised, newly adopted child needed so badly.

Why do we always get people on these threads talking as though all parents have a good choice of schools? I moved across London because all my local schools were faith schools, and I was facing - as a working mother with no car - four bus journeys a day with two children to a failing school. Hell yes, i would put up with quite a lot of religious assemblies to avoid that.

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