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bit petty but if you are going to be an avon lady, you can at least come and pick the catalogues up

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Filibear Mon 08-Oct-12 09:27:18

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TM08 Mon 08-Oct-12 09:33:03

I get this, but with Betterware catalogues. It irritates me beyond relief.

When i first moved here, i got a catalogue posted through, and just thought it was junk mail so put it in the bin. A few days later, a guy knocks at my door asking for his catalogue back. I admitted i threw it out and he took £2 off me for it.

I still get one posted through every few months and leave it on my doorstep on the day stated on the front. But he sometimes doesn't come to collect until a few days after that. And i live in flats so it's a mess having all our doorsteps littered with these catalogues. My downstairs neighbour's front door is slightly hidden in an alcove, and the delivery man has obviously missed it during his last pick up, so neigbour's Betterware catalogue has been on his doorstep for almost a month. It makes me so annoyed every time i pass it.

My friend has started Avon, and mentioned something about electronic catalogues. i think Avon reps can email it.

halcyondays Mon 08-Oct-12 09:45:17

Had two Betterware catalogues recently and they never came back to get them so eventually I threw them out. I certainly wouldn't have given them £2 for itshock

I've had two bloody Avon catalogues in the last week from different people.
Yes, surely they won't make anything from it if they don't come back to collect the catalogues and any orders from it, from people's houses.

BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Mon 08-Oct-12 09:48:13

Throw it in the bin.

Sokmonsta Mon 08-Oct-12 09:58:14

I try and catch the person delivering as give it back there and then, asking that I'm taken off their distribution round. If they still send them they are left out, whatever the weather, until the day after they were going to collect and then get binned. After that, I consider they've had due notice and bin them anyway. I certainly wouldn't give them money for a catalogue (even if they do have to pay for them themselves). We have 2 people who deliver Avon and three between better ware and kleeneze. I assume someone is trying to poach another seller's round as I can't see two people being given the same one but maybe I'm naive

GrumbleAndGold Mon 08-Oct-12 10:05:25


That's the whole point of Avon is that they take your order and deliver the goods.
If you have to go out and give her the order, you might as well carry on and go to Boots instead!

I am annoyed with the Avon lady by me. 1st catalogue in years through the door and I decided to place an order for bits for Christmas and the bloody woman didn't come to collect!

mrsminerva Mon 08-Oct-12 10:14:04

TM08 You gave him £2??!!! I would have given him a flea in his ear.

avivabeaver Mon 08-Oct-12 10:19:00

have a friend that did avon- the intelligent way- on her round she delivered the book- with a note that said please tick here if you are not interested, please tick here if you want to see the book each time, please tick here if you want to see it at Christmas. She only needed to do the entire round once. She then only delivered and collected from the 30 or so houses that were interested. Why wouldn't everyone do this?
Each one of these catalogues that arrives on my doormat gets put on the doorstep for a week then chucked.

YANBU. Also the pp who asked to be removed and then furthermore throw them away wnbu.

I used to be an Avon rep, it's hard work but it's best to consider everyone's need. If people didn't return catalogs or asked to be removed I removed them. It's called common curtesy.

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