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To think my tickets will be vaild?

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GoldPlatedNineDoors Sun 07-Oct-12 19:50:32

I bought four tickets to an Attraction this evening. When I tried to book for four, no avaliability was showing. When I tried to book for one, avaliability was showing. When I got to My Basket, I changed the x1 to x4 and it allowed the transaction to go through and all my confirmation shows I have booked and paid for four tickets.

They should accept this, right? I'm worried!

RubyFakeNails Sun 07-Oct-12 19:51:30

If you paid for 4 you bought 4.

Just take the confirmation with you.

What is it?

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sun 07-Oct-12 20:02:36

Harry Potter Studio

DontmindifIdo Sun 07-Oct-12 20:04:31

Take the confirmation with you. Get your stroppy face on. Get there early.

It could be that it was showing as unavailable because someone else had them in their basket but didn't check out, so by the time you were at your basket, they were available again.

GoldPlatedNineDoors Sun 07-Oct-12 20:10:35

Maybe. surely they wont turn me away at the door.

Fingers crossed.

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