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To kick DH...

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Cherrypieplum Sun 07-Oct-12 05:20:29

If he suggests taking DD out for a drive as the only way to help me with her?! I've barely slept in a week and apart from less than five minutes of attempting to comfort her that is his only solution. To take a clingy three month old and stick her in a cold car seat in a cold car and waste petrol while she gets pissed off and gets handed back to me in even more of a state?!

YANBU I hope he becomes more help soon and your dd settles. Ds was a nightmare baby but now at 5 yo he's wonderful. So there's the mn classic 'this too shall pass'. Good luck.

NorksAreMessy Sun 07-Oct-12 06:24:18

Actually, this really was the only thing that worked with my DD when she got herself in a state.
By the time DH and DD got back, I was fast asleep and so was she.

Cherrypieplum Sun 07-Oct-12 06:58:41

It doesn't work for my DD unfortunately Norks and he just comes back exasperated with her which means I don't relax as I know what state they come back in.

Thanks Stacey. I could cry I'm so tired. I need to remember it won't last

HappyHippyChick Sun 07-Oct-12 07:02:18

Poor you, a couple of mine hated the car too so I know what you mean. Does your DD like going in the buggy. Bundling mine up and taking them for a walk used to help.

Hope you get some sleep soon.

MatchsticksForMyEyes Sun 07-Oct-12 07:05:59

Both of my DC were like that. I thoroughly recommend the Little Sleephead noise cd. It has noises of household appliances for example the hoover. It really helped both of mine settle. It is 10 pounds.

Cherrypieplum Sun 07-Oct-12 07:09:24

She quite likes her buggy but she is cluster feeding terribly at the moment.

Heartbeep Sun 07-Oct-12 07:10:47

What does work? Sling, pram, cuddling?
Could your DH do this instead & let you go have a nap?
He maybe just needs some guidance...

Cherrypieplum Sun 07-Oct-12 07:10:49

Thanks matchsticks. I have an app on my phone that I forgot about. It used to work at times. I'll try it again.

Heartbeep Sun 07-Oct-12 07:13:24

Ask him to take her for a walk. Tell him to walk for a min of x mins (x being the minimum you know your DD will need to settle) & if she's still unsettled then he can bring her back. At least you get a little break.

Redsilk Sun 07-Oct-12 07:28:52

DS was like this for a full ten months. The only way I could get sleep some mornings was for DH to take him for a ride in the car and he'd fall asleep.

MyLastDuchess Sun 07-Oct-12 07:59:51

Do you have one of those big birthing/yoga balls? That was the only thing that worked on my DS when he was tiny - sitting on the ball, bouncing up and down and singing used to really calm him down.

DS really was a nightmare until he could crawl. Then suddenly all was ok and he is now a really lovely 2yo who plays independently a lot and is less work than most of my friends' kids who were all much 'easier' as babies. Hope that gives you a little bit of energy to keep going!

Cherrypieplum Sun 07-Oct-12 09:26:25

Well she had a good feed and then he got up with her and they went for a drive and did a bit of shopping. I managed about two hours kip. I wouldn't say I feel human but I'm better than I was!!

Must've have been busy as she's gone back ravenous!

Cherrypieplum Sun 07-Oct-12 09:27:31

Thanks Duchess! My friends have a similar theory. One lo of my friend was a nightmare baby and is now the most chilled out child ever!

maddening Sun 07-Oct-12 09:32:17

Sounds like the 12week growth spurt.

Maybe he can take her out again after lunch so you can have another nap?

Hopefully this should only last a few days fxd

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