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to think leggings on their own is ridiculous

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sidress Fri 05-Oct-12 21:56:30

as they are basically a form of tights worn under a skirt or long top. Not worn as trousers like I see so much of, particularly teens or young students. My daughter has taken to this recently but its her choice, I have bigger battles to pick.

I suppose the false jeans kind make a BIT of sense but I still don't get it.

mirry2 Fri 05-Oct-12 21:58:37

I once saw a friend walking down the road in pale pink leggings with a jumper on top which just skimmed her hips. I really thought she had forgotten to put her dress/trousers on. It was obscene

SPsFanjoLovesItGangnamStyle Fri 05-Oct-12 21:59:33

YANBU here's why

sittinginthesun Fri 05-Oct-12 22:00:42

I just look and think I'm getting old... It's a very strange look, but I used to wear leggings and long Tshirts 25 years ago.

Fakebook Fri 05-Oct-12 22:01:00

Yanbu. Why do people do it?

usualsuspect3 Fri 05-Oct-12 22:02:47

I think people can wear what they like.

DoMeDon Fri 05-Oct-12 22:03:18

Skin tight leggings and a crop top!! WTF is that about!?! It looks awful, any size, it's just wrong. Am sick of the sight of 'hoof'.

GoldenSeptember Fri 05-Oct-12 22:03:43

When I was young and thin, I lived in leggings. Now that I can't (without causing people to go blind and horses to be terrified), I think YANBU at all. wink

ImagineJL Fri 05-Oct-12 22:05:31

As far as I know, wearing leggings under a skirt is the "new" thing. I remember wearing leggings with a normal or longish T shirt in the 80s. I remember being surprised when people started wearing skirts over leggings - as if they couldn't decide whether to wear skirt or trousers, so decided to wear both!

TheCountessOlenska Fri 05-Oct-12 22:05:49

I live next door to a University, this year they are all wearing leggings with nothing on over the top, tis not a forgiving look!

WanderingWhistle Fri 05-Oct-12 22:05:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MysteriousHamster Fri 05-Oct-12 22:06:15

People just don't think about what they look like from behind.

I was walking behind very slim young girl the other day. She very very obviously had giant white knickers underneath her leggings, which she had worn with a short t-shirt. It just looked daft.

Even the first time I wore leggings (90s), I always did with quite long t-shirts.


You can only get away with it if they are really thick to the point of them just being jegging/treggings/skinny black trousers.

santaisNOTathreat Fri 05-Oct-12 22:07:30

can i redeem myself and say in my own home i wear leggings and a vest top to excercise.

MousyMouse Fri 05-Oct-12 22:09:03

have seen someone today wearing a clingy skirt in leggings material. bridget-jones-style knickers showing through.

missvague Fri 05-Oct-12 22:09:30

Leggings are never a trouser.

Softlysoftly Fri 05-Oct-12 22:10:01

Is it me or is the linked image a bit intrusive? It feels a bit wrong someone snuck up behind her to take a photo of her arse, I know she looks ridiculous but still. Just doesn't feel like a moral thing to do.

wonkylegs Fri 05-Oct-12 22:11:04

I was walking behind a girl in very thing leggings and a short top this morning - it was glaringly obvious that she had nothing on underneath. From behind it looked bad thank god I didn't have to look from the front blush

usualsuspect3 Fri 05-Oct-12 22:11:17

I think it's a bit mean to take the piss out of the way other people dress , full stop TBH.

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Fri 05-Oct-12 22:11:24

There are a few, people, very few people, that can actually pull off this look. It's not one I particularly like on anyone, but the problem isn't the leggings, it the women who think they have the figure to wear leggings without a bum covering top. It can look ok if you have the perfect arse, but the majority of people don't.

wonkylegs Fri 05-Oct-12 22:11:32

*thin not thing

manticlimactic Fri 05-Oct-12 22:11:44

My DD wears them with long tops. She makes sure they aren't see through. But she's 16 and v.slim envy

SoleSource Fri 05-Oct-12 22:12:18


changeforthebetter Fri 05-Oct-12 22:14:16

usualsuspect ITA - enough with the clothing police. Shock horror! Woman with chubby thighs wears leggings - it's not exactly the bombing of Aleppo/massive financial fraud perpetrated by the banks, is it?

Anonymumous Fri 05-Oct-12 22:16:31

Are we allowed to wear leggings and a cropped top to the gym? Only I usually start off wearing a T-shirt over the top but get so hot after five minutes that I end up taking the T-shirt off. (I do put it back on before I go home though...)

P.S. What is 'hoof'? blush

mirry2 Fri 05-Oct-12 22:16:35

Just don't wear pale pink ones, if you are white skinned (sorry, had to think about that. Is the word caucasian?)

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