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To be thoroughly annoyed when you wait in all day for a parcel delivery...

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OnwardBound Fri 05-Oct-12 15:01:25

and the buggers apparently have tried to deliver but you know they bloody well haven't!!!

Have been waiting in for a parcel all day from APC Overnight Delivery.

Finally, about twenty minutes ago I rang the depo to check on the progress of the delivery.

The woman says "Oh the driver tried to deliver it 30 mins ago and has left a calling card. You have a red door right?"

Well yes, I do but I was at home and nobody rang the doorbell. I had even checked the doorbell this morning and it was definitely working!

Customer service couldn't be less interested. I just hate this when they have a bored tone to their voice and I was cross but polite.

I asked could they redeliver? Well, yes, would cost £10 to redeliver tomorrow. She then grudgingly agreed to have it redelivered on Monday. I asked could the driver be given my mobile number so if he had any issues with the doorbell he could just give me a quick call. Well, she says, no drivers don't normally call customer's mobiles so would be completely up to him whether he does so or not!

In the meantime, actually whilst writing this, the doorbell has just rung and it was the delivery of my new Henry vacuum cleaner [thanks to all the posters who recommended it to me!]. A different delivery company.

So the blasted doorbell is jolly working [as I thought] and the shyster of a driver from APC has just taken a photo of my front door and pissed off again with my other parcel.

And now I have to stay in all fecking day on Monday.

Am fecked off!

[Disclaimer: I know this is small shit really in a world of big shit but it's just so bloody unnecessary and annoying!]

naturalbaby Fri 05-Oct-12 15:04:24

I've had this before - they either don't ring the bell or just dump it on the doorstep even though it needs a signature. Cheeky idiots!

LadyFlumpalot Fri 05-Oct-12 15:09:12

Yup it's irritating! Had a parcel chucked over (!) my back gate once. I phoned up to complain and the lady told me they had a POD with my signature on, so it hadn't been thrown at all.

Cheeky driver must have signed it himself!

OnwardBound Fri 05-Oct-12 21:04:33

LadyFlumpalot shock

DuchessofMalfi Fri 05-Oct-12 21:48:55

We had a parcel chucked over the back gate a couple of months ago - a scooter we ordered for DS. Luckily he wasn't playing in the garden at the time angry.

bellabreeze Sat 06-Oct-12 03:55:23

YANBU, this keeps happening to me.. quite a few months ago I was just about to leave the house, I looked out the peep hole and saw with my own eyes, the postman putting the sorry we missed you card through the door and almost running off.. and then there's the quietest ever knock that taps the door very gently a couple of times before putting that poxy card through the door. Some of them really do not do their job and it can cause such an inconvenience

JeezyOrangePips Sat 06-Oct-12 05:55:41

I have never experienced this where I live, but when I was visiting a friend in England I did. I was in the house and happened to see a figure at the door, just standing there. (glass door, open to the living room). I opened it, and it was the postie, who had not knocked and was writing out a card 'sorry you weren't in'.

She got all flustered and mumbled something about no car, and ran back to the van to get the parcel, which was around the corner - so she couldn't see the house from the van - and brought the parcel over.

LesleyPumpshaft Sat 06-Oct-12 06:32:54

YANBU, the worst thing is when you have paid extra for delivery within a specified time and it doesn't come. They never refund the delivery costs. angry

ZombTEE Sat 06-Oct-12 06:51:57

Check if they have a Facebo

SarryB Sat 06-Oct-12 06:52:22

What I don't understand, is why a delivery person would drive to your house, take a picture of your door/sign thing himself/post something through door/whatever to 'prove' they had been there...why not just ring the fucking doorbell????

What is the advantage to them for not being able to deliver a parcel?

ZombTEE Sat 06-Oct-12 06:53:35

Check if they have a Facebook or Twitter. Start posting to either about their lousy service.

Talk about their lousy service everywhere.

Contact the company you ordered from and complain to them as well.

Make some noise.

ChunkyPickle Sat 06-Oct-12 06:59:15

ARGH yes - I had the same, 4 adults, one child, and a dog that barks at anything, 3 cars in the drive/outside and they still managed to sneak up to the door and get the card through rather than just ring the bell and give us the parcel

Ninjas I tell you, and I don't even know why - they'll just have to come back and deliver it again (perhaps they get paid per job?) I pick my purchases based on which company will deliver because I know which ones are normally good in my area

geegee888 Sat 06-Oct-12 08:36:09

I've had a great one this week. Parcel was due on Monday, on Tuesday I contacted the sellers to advise it hadn't arrived. Was advised in turn Citylink had returned it to depot marked address innacurate/doesn't exist, because its a new build and didn't turn up on their postcode finder. Sent them map, directions and tel no. Was then informed they had tried to deliver it on Wednesday and Thursday, but I wasn't in and they had put a card through the door. They hadn't. No card.

Then mysteriously yesterday was contacted by their Customer Services Manager who apologised and told me parcel had been delivered yesterday. Except it hadn't. Still no sign of it and no card to say they had attempted either.

LOL at the patheticness of the delivery driver who couldn't use a bit of initiative to find an address in a tiny village, right next to the main entrance road to said village, and instead simply gave up! Where do they get employees like this from? If I behaved like this in my job, I would be sacked for gross misconduct.

BelleJolie Sat 06-Oct-12 10:10:58

I hate nothing more than waiting home for a parcel that never arrives! Especially when they've been but haven't actually tried to deliver. Lazy!

MrsZoidberg Sat 06-Oct-12 12:50:48

I spent ages on the phone to Citilink last night and this morning.

I placed a large order and it was due to be delivered yesterday, and yep the van turned up. Except he could only find 1 of the 3 boxes. He made me sign for the one he delivered and said he'd be back with the others. By 5:20 I some how guessed hmm he wouldn't be back so rang customer services who told me that the order had been delivered and so there was nothing I could do!

I convinced her that there was lots I could do, so she escalated it and said I would have a phone call that evening before 8pm or this morning. Fed up of waiting for a call this morning so at 10am I phoned customer services, I was told at this point that the escalation team don't work saturdays so I wasn't going to get a call. She rang the depot for me.

Now this is where it gets interesting and is why I WILL NEVER USE CITILINK AGAIN.

They admitted to having my two (rather large and difficult to lose) parcels. As the driver had not signed them back in they had gone into (didn't catch official term) a black hole. Along with 10s of thousands of others. Now this is just 1 depot. Multiply the 10s of thousands by all of Citilinks depots and you end up with a lot of lost parcels.

Mine are apparently going to arrive Monday.

For fun, next time you get a delivery, try and get outside to watch the driver pulling your parcel out of his van. Mine was at the back so he had to climb over the the ones at the front - including standing on them! I felt sorry for the recipient of the John Lewis parcel at the front, it appeared to only be half as high as it should of been, and he just casually picked it up and lobbed it to the side muttering, oh god that bloody one was due yesterday.

OnwardBound Sun 07-Oct-12 10:30:43

Wow these stories have left me shock

Good idea about twitter and facebook. Think I might see if they have accounts for these....

MrsHelsBels74 Sun 07-Oct-12 10:33:03

I've had this before & it makes me so angry

bochead Sun 07-Oct-12 10:42:53

Pet bug bear of mine.

My son's ASD means online shopping is often the way to go for me, especially at busy times of year like school uniform season & Xmas.

Over the years I've learned which companies have reliable delivery & which don't. I stick with the reliable ones whenver possible now and make a noise about those that aren't before they are crossed off my list, never to be trusted again.

Obiwan Sun 07-Oct-12 10:44:59

The couriers around here have been so awful over the last few months, that I have given up ordering from anyone who does not use Royal Mail (and that's saying something). I tried that thing where parcels are sent to a local shop for collection, but they even managed to mess that up.

The last straw was waiting in all day for a delivery that had to be signed for. When there was no sign of it, I checked online, so see that a neighbour had signed for it at 11am (while I was actually sitting in my house, waiting).

Off I went next door, to apologise and collect my parcel, but they'd been out all day and knew nothing. Many irate phone calls later, the company said they'd file a 'lost items' report.

Three days later, someone from four streets away came around with our rain soaked delivery. They'd returned from holiday to find our stuff stashed behind their bin. I seriously doubt that the bin had signed for the parcel.

I'm still like this----> angry whenever I think of the semi-literate, lying, sorry excuse for couriers that operate out here.

BertieBotts Sun 07-Oct-12 10:48:36

I saw a programme a while ago about Royal Mail cuts and apparently the routes have been extended, and more people are ordering things online meaning more deliveries of parcels, fewer people using letters (preferring email, online billing etc) so the overall ratio of letters to parcels and packets is getting smaller.

Apparently they often can't physically carry the amount of packets/parcels they're supposed to deliver and that is why they leave some at the depot and just push those cards through.

However in my area they've started pushing little trolley things, like granny shopping trollies, but much larger, to carry the mail and I've had fewer problems since this. (I still get deliveries for the person who lives at my number of a similarly named street though whenever my usual postman goes on holiday...)

OnwardBound Sun 07-Oct-12 11:27:31

Unfortunately APC don't seem to have either facebook or twitter accounts sad

But I have just left a negative review at So far it is the twelfth negative review... out of a grand total of twelve reviews!

Oh and I have also told Mumsnet what I think of them.


OnwardBound Sun 07-Oct-12 11:30:35

Oh and then Royal Mail did the same thing to me Saturday morning.

Came downstairs to find a calling card 'Sorry you were out' pushed through the door.

Thing was we were at home. And then again we checked the doorbell and it was working!


StepAwayFromTheORANGECakes Sun 07-Oct-12 12:32:19

I order online a lot came home to find a box on my doorstep, I live on a main road, near a hospital, near a school with no fenced in garden and a public path right by my front door. it was out in the open for all to see. next to my door is a wrought iron gate, padlocked, why did they not just push it through there? same company did it again even after I had complained so I told them it had not been there, must have been stolen as its in a public spot, got a refund, dishonest yes but maybe they will pay attention when told don't leave it on my doorstep! another recent courier sticks a note through and puts it behind a plant by the door... in full view <sigh> surely the locked gate is really bloody obviously the best place to put it.

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