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Insensitive timing of advert....

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Bingdweller Thu 04-Oct-12 21:33:59

Just switched over to C5 and watched a young girl on "Changing Faces" receiving a consultation about reconstruction of a facial deformity and in particular around her eye are.

Within 5 seconds, the next advert was for Clinique promoting an under eye cream with the words "stressed about dark circles under our eyes" etc etc...

Just thought it was extremely poor taste.

Bingdweller Thu 04-Oct-12 21:34:36

eye area

germyrabbit Thu 04-Oct-12 21:35:01


GoldShip Thu 04-Oct-12 21:36:31


Do people actually go through life looking for things to be offended by?

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Thu 04-Oct-12 21:39:54

Its there because they have worked out that the main demographic watching this programe is the female 25-60 (ish) group.

I do know what you mean but that young girl will probably be concerned about under eye circles and wrinkles as much as the next woman.

NameChangeGalore Thu 04-Oct-12 21:40:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bingdweller Thu 04-Oct-12 21:40:49

Possibly because I have had reconstructive surgery myself I feel over sensitive about the flippancy of the advert in relation to the subject matter a few seconds previously.

Fuck it, have had a bad enough day in RL with family illness. I'm clearly a bit fragile for AIBU tonight and shall bow out gracefully.

germyrabbit Thu 04-Oct-12 21:43:19

aibu is a crap topic in all honesty

sorry you've had a hard time and sometimes things can get to you that others would find flippant

MrsWolowitz Thu 04-Oct-12 21:48:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GoldShip Thu 04-Oct-12 21:53:44

It's wasn't done purposely, these things happen unfortunately. thanks

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Thu 04-Oct-12 21:54:03

namechange as you have not watched it for years you will be unaware that it is no longer merely channel full of soft porn and truelifeinspirationalmadefortvfilms.

The documentary is called 'Making Faces' and is a well filmed and unsensational look at the work of a leading prosthetic department.

So not really for idiots IMO.

out of the other four main channels two are showing reality shows (even if one is a bit posh) and the other two are showing military based dramas.

I'll stick with C5 for a bit smile

Bingdweller Thu 04-Oct-12 21:55:38

blush thank you MrsWolowitz I really don't know why I posted, it's opened up the floodgates - very close relative at the end of their life and a parent in ITU. It's been a shitty day running between hospitals.

Note to self: never post when feeling delicate....silly cow!

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Thu 04-Oct-12 22:02:40

You should see some of the stuff I have started in AIBU when something hits a nerve blush

Sorry about your family. It sounds like you are going through the wringer.

If it helps, you had a valid point. You were not wrong, just not everyone is going to agree with you.

(makes no sense even to self).

Have a nice cup of tea and bit of cake.

MrsWolowitz Thu 04-Oct-12 22:03:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bingdweller Thu 04-Oct-12 22:06:12

Thank you mrsd for your kind words. Tomorrow is another day and I shall enjoy that cuppa just now x

NorksAreMessy Thu 04-Oct-12 22:06:36

(((hug))) bing
You poor thing, I bet you are exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically.

I think tonight is the right time to wander over to YouTube or iplayer and find some old episodes of QI or Blue Planet, or even the Simpsons.
Something life affirming and cheerful.

Sending you strength and love

GoldShip Thu 04-Oct-12 22:07:46

'Someone jump all over me'

If you're suggesting that's what I did then hmm we can't go through this forum with the 'aw Hun YANBU ' just in case someone's feeling delicate.

GoldShip Thu 04-Oct-12 22:08:40

And OP, go do as the great MrsDever says, cake and a cuppa! In bed even wink

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Thu 04-Oct-12 22:10:47

I keep seeing an advert that says more women die from heart disease than breast cancer.

As we held the funeral for my lovely mother-in-law on Monday who died of breast cancer, as did my dear mother a few years ago, I really don't want to see it again.

They're probably right but right now I don't want to hear it.

I really miss them. sad

Timing is shit sometimes but that's life.

picnicbasketcase Thu 04-Oct-12 22:12:36

I think people do watch tv and wait to be offended, yes. In this case though, the OP just sounds stressed out. Feel better soon.

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Thu 04-Oct-12 22:16:58

Ilove I don't like that advert either. I really dislike the setting of one terrible disease against another. It doesn't sit right with me at all.
I understand that they are probably doing to illustrate a sense of scale but it always seems like a sort of ghoulish competition.

Sorry about your MIL.

OrangeandGoldMrsDeVere Thu 04-Oct-12 22:17:28

And of course your mum.

GoldShip Thu 04-Oct-12 22:18:07

Agreed about the cancer advert. It's almost as if they're bitter about the attention breast cancer gets in the media. A silly and not well thought out advert.

santaisNOTathreat Thu 04-Oct-12 22:20:46

I would love to see all stop smoking ads banned, the first few weeks was hell and those ad made me think about having one ggrrrrrr.

Bingdweller Thu 04-Oct-12 22:24:33

Thank you all for my online therapy...

The advert just hit such a nerve with me because I've not dealt with my own cancer and deformity yet. not Cliniques fault I just felt such empathy with the girl undergoing her surgery but do understand that advertising exists and we can't all be sheltered from every little thing that may upset us.

As I said earlier, it's been a horrible day (and indeed year) and I am stressed out. Having been outwardly cool and calm to all those around me I realise that it's not unreasonable to have a mini breakdown to be mentally exhausted.

I appreciate all your kind words but we can't be having a Hun-fest Goldship grin, it just wouldn't do!

Let the insults, disagreements and mudslinging resume.

I think you are all lovely!

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