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Problems with Cineworld, so confused.

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Sparklyblue Thu 04-Oct-12 16:39:04

I was booking some tickets last night on the Cineworld website, the page timed out as it was loading my ticket confirmation. The page said to re-book tickets. I checked my online banking and the money has been taken.

I phoned Cineworld who put me through to my local cinema, the manager there said not to worry, he would make a note of me and just to turn up on the day of the showing. I was not happy with this. As i'm sure I would be turned away and I don't want to risk this.
I then phoned my bank and I get this, lovely, helpful guy on the end of the line who said this happened to him last week. He turned up at his local cinema and was turned away. He said he would look in to it and ring me back today.

He has phoned back and said that Cineworld accepted the payment last night at 19.56 and gave me the code. He also checked with visa and it has all gone through.

I rang Cineworld and they said they haven't got the money and it must be a problem with my card or my internet or could be a ghost payment?
I rang my bank again, the lovely guy rang me back and said it definitely isn't a ghost payment as they have the authorisation code and they don't get that with ghost payments. It is showing on there system that the payment was accepted by Cineworld.

I rang Cineworld again and they said that you can get those codes with ghost payments.
Well done if you've got this far. What do I do now?

Numberlock Thu 04-Oct-12 16:42:35

Can you print off an on-line statement with this item on and take it to Cineworld? When is the filming you had booked for?

Sparklyblue Thu 04-Oct-12 16:55:29

The film isn't until the 16th November.

Numberlock Thu 04-Oct-12 18:11:34

So time to get a printed statement to show them. I presume the problem is you don't have a Cineworld booking ref?

lubeybooby Thu 04-Oct-12 18:16:05

I had a ghost payment problem recently and was told it just shows as card auth on my online banking when it's potentially a ghost payment, and if it changes within around 48 hours to show the name of the company that means payment has actually been taken by them.

DevlinMaccabee Thu 04-Oct-12 20:36:48

Is it for Breaking Dawn by any chance?

mrscumberbatch Thu 04-Oct-12 21:08:52

Ask your bank to do an indemnity claim. This will claim the money back from Cineworld and you can start over again.

You won't get a code for a non-authorised payment though (ghost payment) so the banking guy is right. Cineworld clearly having issues- pay in cash.

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