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To be shocked to learn that a teaching assistant take drugs at the weekend?

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LesleyPumpshaft Tue 02-Oct-12 12:17:44

Like the thread title says. Found out she takes cocaine and E's when she her family have her kids, so does her boyfriend, the rest of the time she is a complete piss-head.

She has also kids and lots of people seem to like her. She has not been sacked, so is obviously doing her job at the school.

None of my business what she gets up to I know, but AIU or naive to be rather shocked by this revelation? confused

LadyClariceCannockMonty Mon 08-Oct-12 09:55:28

If she was arrested for possession at least she wouldn't be at the school any more to corrupt the children, or whatever you imagine she's doing, which seems to be the main concern amongst those throwing up their hands in horror on this thread.

As for shoplifting to pay for the drugs, well, I would venture to suggest that some people can afford to buy drugs without shoplifting for them. Although that might shatter the illusion some on this thread seem to hold that taking any kind of drug is automatically connected to having a seedy lifestyle. Which is presumably easier to deal with than the thought that people can give every impression of being 'normal', hold down jobs, have money etc and yet still take drugs in their personal time. Because where on earth would everyone be if you couldn't immediately identify and pour judgement upon someone who likes a bit of E and coke?

I'm also not sure why my views ought to be 'consistent' as you describe, Goldenbear, or why you seem to think that rule only applies to 'liberal thinkers'; are 'illiberal thinkers' permitted to have inconsistent views?

I wouldn't want anyone to take coke at my dinner table because it would be inappropriate; the general 'culture', for want of a better word, at the average dinner at my house doesn't involve drugs, or much alcohol for that matter, and anyone drinking a lot or taking drugs would be in a different mood/headspace to the rest, which wouldn't be much fun.

THERhubarb Mon 08-Oct-12 09:18:00

Give it a rest dear.

AmberLeaf Fri 05-Oct-12 15:25:51

Rubbish Rhubarb!

You told your anecdotal story to back your opinion that it isn't as common as posters on here are saying it is.

You missed a bit too Iteotwawki - my point exactly remember? thats the part where you were agreeing with Iteotawki in that its not common, you then used your example of your BIL.

Don't backpeddle.

Back2Two Fri 05-Oct-12 14:03:57

Personally I think that i would be more concerned about alcohol use (if heavy) during the week.

Drugs during the week too, but I think the OP siad the TA doesn't do this and it is totally possible to limit drug use and take them as responsibly as possible.

Getting pissed in the week would leave you tired, poor concentration, poor judgement and lacking in motivation.

THERhubarb Fri 05-Oct-12 14:00:19

This is the full quote dear:

"These tales people tell of sordid and rife drug taking amongst professionals are purely anecdotal. It does not prove a thing. Your experience amongst the same profession is very different.

FWIW my brother-in-law works in the cardiac department of a very busy hospital. He's worked in hospitals for roughly 25 years, in A&E and other departments as he's risen in ranks. He's never seen or heard of drug taking either.

Anyone can tell tales. But these are third hand stories that mean nothing."

Read it again. I am illustrating that my story is a third hand story that means nothing. That is the point I am making. Everyone has experiences and they are all different, you cannot make a general point based on an experience.

Try reading the whole post next time.

AmberLeaf Fri 05-Oct-12 13:57:27

How on earth is that quote out of context?

It is totally in context and also shows you did what you were criticising others for doing!

THERhubarb Fri 05-Oct-12 12:52:06

Erm, Amberleaf would you mind not taking my quotes out of context please? I gave my experience as an anecdotal piece of evidence to illustrate how peoples experiences could lead them into one way of thinking or another.

I said that at the time.

Taking quotes completely out of context and holding them up to use for your own argument is also quite unacceptable. You will have to do better than that.

ilovetermtime Fri 05-Oct-12 11:59:11


ilovetermtime Fri 05-Oct-12 11:58:49

AmberLeaf Thu 04-Oct-12 18:23:57

Iteotwawki and I are not saying that this doesn't happen, just that some posters are making out that it's common and happens all over based on their own experiences. The point I am making is that different people have different experiences and you cannot make a general point based on an experience which is purely anecdotal That is called generalisation and is not a good way to conduct a debate

FWIW my brother-in-law works in the cardiac department of a very busy hospital. He's worked in hospitals for roughly 25 years, in A&E and other departments as he's risen in ranks. He's never seen or heard of drug taking either

Anyone can tell tales. But these are third hand stories that mean nothing

Your experience is anecdotal too though!

I don't think I said it was rife? But it most certainly happens as several people have said here.

Oblomov Thu 04-Oct-12 17:03:02

GONE grin

Oblomov Thu 04-Oct-12 17:02:12

OP "mentioned one occasion when she had seen the TA taking drugs"
Err, actually this is incorrect.
OP: "I was offered a line of coke while out at a gig"
The someone asked OP: "So you're offered one line of coke and you speak to people who know this person (not the actual person themselves)"
to which OP did not respond.
So we don't even KNOW for sure whether it was the actual TA who offered OP the line of coke.
Anyway this is all besides the point, becasue the OP, with her drip-feed gossip, is LONG GONG. wink

THERhubarb Thu 04-Oct-12 16:18:54

Well if you are stupid enough to take drugs in a public place where you wil be seen by parents and possibly ex-pupils then you should not hold down such a position of responsibility and yes, I would report that TA.

It's not a question of their own private business. Parents entrust their children to a school and staff that are supposed to be good examples to their kids. It is a position of trust and responsibility. It is not compatible with a drug taking lifestyle.

waterlego Thu 04-Oct-12 16:13:39

To be fair, Therhubarb, the OP has no proof that the TA takes drugs every weekend. That part was a rumour, as far as I could make out. She mentioned one occasion when she had seen the TA taking drugs (really bad idea to do so in front of a parent from the school, IMO)

Personally, I would feel that taking any drug every weekend (including excessive alcohol) is indicative of a problem with dependency/MH, (whether or not it interferes with work being a separate issue) but on an occasional basis, I would consider it none of my business.

Goldenbear Thu 04-Oct-12 13:33:57

I said up to, which obviously depends on a number of variants that I've already explained. Yes I do think people would do drugs on Friday, Saturday with no thought of the aftermarth, it is called an addiction and it's what can happen when you take class A drugs as opposed to Low strength cannibas!

Another thing about highly addictive drugs is that it becomes a bit tricky to control your need to take them!

SamSmalaidh Thu 04-Oct-12 13:26:26

Maybe they over did it a bit then. I have had several day hangovers from drinking in my younger days.

Goldenbear Thu 04-Oct-12 13:25:10

Well my DP's friends/acquaintances wouldn't have been able to work Monday morning but then again none of them seemed to work atall! We didn't see any professionals within the sordid vacinities they visited to obtain their 'drug of choice'. We did once see a very famous British actor/comedian though- not going to say who obviously. All these people are now 'professionals' or proper jobs, early 30's none of them take drugs.

SamSmalaidh Thu 04-Oct-12 13:19:17

Yes, back to normal on Monday. Do you really think people would indulge in recreational drugs on a Friday/Saturday night if it meant a week of suffering afterwards?

THERhubarb Thu 04-Oct-12 13:12:44

Yes. My dh took drugs. It's like having a hangover for some, on others you just feel tired and lethargic. So long as you have Sunday to recover you can be back to normal on Monday.

But then dh was never in charge of kids (cows but not kids). He never held a position of trust and responsibility as a teacher or TA would.

Goldenbear Thu 04-Oct-12 12:58:25

Back to normal on Monday?

SamSmalaidh Thu 04-Oct-12 12:46:45

Week long comedowns sound very extreme! Most people would feel a bit rough the next day and back to normal come Monday.

Goldenbear Thu 04-Oct-12 12:25:34

I thought MDMA was a class A drug as is cocaine. I meant you can have a comedown for up to a week with them. depending on how much you've taken, whether you mixed your drugs determines the comedown- depressive tendencies, panic attacks, flashbacks if you are a regular user.

Cannabis can vary in strength, if you're smoking skunk to help your comedown like a lot of people do then you're mixing your drugs and this is when the problems arise. I actually do know very well what I'm talking about but this is a public forum and I'm not a fool.

THERhubarb Thu 04-Oct-12 11:59:40

Comedowns vary from drug to drug Goldenbear and the week long lows only happen with Class A drugs usually.

You can snort coke or smoke cannabis all through the weekend and no-one would be any the wiser on Monday morning. Esp if that's something you do regularly.

However as Havealittlefaith points out, when you choose your profession you are also choosing a fair amount of responsibility that goes with it.

As a teacher or TA you are directly responsible for childrens welfare in the workplace and as such, it would not be appropriate for you to be actively taking drugs every weekend. After all, part of the staff's role is to educate children about the dangers of drug taking and so if you are taking them yourself, you are making a mockery of the message you are sending out to kids.

There is a real danger of a drug user being caught and the children getting to know, so I believe that it is a parent's responsibility to report a teacher or TA who has been seen taking drugs.

They are public sector workers, providing a public service that is heavily relied upon and if they are not fit for that job then they should move over and let someone else take it on.

Goldenbear Thu 04-Oct-12 11:40:23

Well if it is as common as posters on this thread are suggesting why do people not notice their colleagues on Comedowns? My DP is an Architect so not in a job with direct care of anybody but there is so much pressure in the office, anyone on a comedown from a drugs binge at the weekend would be noticed. If it became a pattern they'd be asked to explain what is happening as it is undeniably the case that Comedowns which can last a week, would affect someone's ability to do that job with the pace and accuracy that's required. If you are in a job that directly involves working and caring for people/children Comedowns will surely be a huge problem as the consequences of incompetent care are a lot greater. It is not about how much your paid it is that are responsible for looking after people. If you can't accept that responsibility perhaps you should avoid work like that.

HaveALittleFaith Thu 04-Oct-12 10:21:13

Equally Amber what you're referring to certainly impacts on working life! People who have access to drugs at work that steal them cannot sustain that long term. I knew a nurse who started stealing pills. Odd ones at first but then got top brazen. She was caught, disiciplined and sacked. IIRC the Sister who was under question at Stepping Hill about the saline interference was actually sacked for stealing drugs in the end - antibiotics and (a?) controlled drug.

Certainly as healthcare professionals we have to be very conscious of our actions. There's lot of comments along the lines of whatever people do in their own time is up to them but if it brings the profession in to disrepute it's a different story. For example, if I was caught drink driving outside of work, I would likely still lose my registration. Part of the issue of probably that unqualified staff like TAs, healthcares in hospital aren't under the same professional guidelines but if they were caught, I still think they'd be severely disiciplined!

Certainly the culture I know of within the NHS is much more about alcohol - yes at times to excess and certainly lots of doctors will drink heavily and turn up to work with hangovers, getting a few hmm looks from other members of staff but IME drug taking is not the norm.

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